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The Wolf Experiment (A Maximum Ride Fanfic)

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The Wolf Experiment (A Maximum Ride Fanfic)

Chapter One: Escaping the Mutts

I leaned heavily on a tree, panting deeply with all my senses on full alert. If they caught me again, who knows what they'd do to me this time? After all this was my fourth escape, the last time they had starved me for a week and then made me run for several hours on a treadmill, shocking me if I slowed down though this was the farthest I have gotten yet. This was the forest nearest to the School which lied at the top of this mountain and I was only halfway through it with Erasers right behind me.

Genetically I was stronger than the Erasers, my cousins, but after a week of no food and constant experiments I was tired and barely able to keep ahead of them, so here I was panting heavily relying on this tree for support even though I had taken a break ten minutes ago in the clearing with the stream. On the breeze I could smell the coppery scent of the Erasers almost like blood and sweat over the tang of forest dew.
'Time to go,' my wolf side urged making me push myself to my feet and begin to run again. 'Why don't you just fly away?' It asked, not for the first time.
I told you, I scolded mentally if I go wolf now and fly they'll just call a chopper to come after me.
I continued running dodging the trees that sprung up in my path and jumping fallen logs as not to lose my lead on the Erasers who had gotten closer since my break.
"Got to...go quicker...or... they will...catch you again." I pant forcing my legs to go fast and suddenly a deer crosses my path forcing me to swerve and run head on into a tree.
"Ow...," I moan getting off the ground pressing my hands against my head "That's going to hurt later."
"Not as much as its going to hurt when we're through with you!" growled a voice to my left threateningly as three more stalked out of the woods "Yeah," chimed another voice. "we were told to bring you back alive but they said nothing about riling you up a bit."
Erasers, more than one by the looks and sounds of it. Half-man half-wolf always blood thirsty and always wanting a fight, my cousins by DNA.
'Cousins?,' the wolf growled inside me. 'They'd be lucky to be even considered dogs!'
"Go away! I'm not going back this time!" I yelled angrily swiping at one that wandered too near hitting him on the back of his head, growling he ducked back showing his canines.
"You know you're coming back, just like every other time," laughed a Eraser to my side darting forward to nudge me harshly in the side. I fell to the ground biting my cheeks in rage. I knew they were taunting me and I also knew my Alpha Rage was causing the red spots in my vision but that didn't stop me from snapping my jaws threateningly back at him as another came and swiped at my side drawing blood. Seeing my own blood only made me angrier and I growled warningly at all of them showing my own sharp canines.
One laughed, "Look at the little puppy!" he teased daring to come forward and grab my cheek in mock...

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