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The Woman Who Rocked The Nation

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Amelia Earhart was a remarkable woman, whose works beniffited this country greatly. Her courage emerged during a time when women were still supposed to be timid will forever be spoken with respect and honor by every american. Her records will forever be remembered and her flights will contine to be admired for uncoutable gentorations. Her speeches that spoke of a independant female unopposed to opposition and unafriad of adventure or danger influanced women to take a far larger role in scociety. She not only flew planes but she also worked as a nurse for wounded soldiers, and as a social worker for female imigrants, until one unfortunet July morning. She gave us the face of a ...view middle of the document...

Earhart volentured as a nurse aid at Spadina Military Hospitle. (Bruccoli , Matthew J. American Decades 1930-1939 Detroit: MI, 1995. Print)It was there she came to know and admire the young flyers of the Royal Flying Corps. After nursing a overwheling urge to help people, she found a hidden gem. Social work. She was hired at Denison House in 1925 and emersed herself in helping immigrant girls and women. She also delighted in teaching them basketball and the ancient art of sword play, fencing. However, her career in social services was about to come to a halt.

Moreover, her career in aviation commenced in 1927 when she joined the Boston Chapter of the National Aeronautic Association and began appearing in the newspapers to support women pilots. Although, she broke several unoffical records before then. In 1923, May 15 Amelia Earhart became the sixteenth woman to receive the coveted pilots license of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale. That was when she became the sensation of modern women. She was featured in newspaper after newspaper. She even flew the first lady from Washington to Baltimore, who later said that she felt completely safe in the air with her. (Bruccoli , Matthew J. American Decades 1930-1939 Detroit: MI, 1995. Print) In May 20, 1932 she gave hope to the people who was afflected by the depression by being the first woman and only second person to fly across the Atlantic. She had done so before, but she was accomponing pilot Wilmer Stutz in the plane Friendship. (Magill, Frank N., Christina J. Moose, Alison Aves, and Steve Seddon. Dictionary of World Biography. A-Gi ed. Vol. 7. Chicago: Salem, 1998. Print. 20th Century. )
Futhermore, while she wasn't in the air, Earhart was largely a activist for gender equality. She lectured about how women pilots were just as able to fly as men. She was a part of creating a all-women aviation group call the ninety-nines and later became the president of the group in 1931.(Magill, Frank N., Christina J. Moose, Alison Aves, and Steve Seddon. Dictionary of World Biography. A-Gi ed. Vol. 7. Chicago: Salem, 1998. Print. 20th Century. ) Her...

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