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December 19, 2001 The Wonder Years Most of your teenage years are spent in high school. Not just the building, for that is only one aspect of the term, "high school", but in the whole concept. When someone asks you, "Are you in high school", you say yes, meaning the academic part"¦ which is a large part of the word, but there is much more. High school is after school when you play "high school" sports. High school is at night, when you go to a "high school" party. And last, there are your "high school" friends. "High school" is an intense four years, where you experience new things and take a lot in to shape the rest of your life.The academic part of high school is supposed to teach you the "basis of what you need to know for the rest of your life". If you ask me, that's a bit of an over statement. I believe college is where you learn all the important stuff. How to actually perfect yourself in the field you are specializing in. How to perfect the career your are looking into. It is true, you couldn't go to college without learning what you did in high school, to some degree. But don't you think there is a reason you make more money doing a job if you have a college degree? High school has such a broad base of learning, you don't know enough to work a job to its full potential if you don't have the teachings of college. So if you say you learn what you need to know for the rest of your life in high school, I say to you"¦ I learned all I need to know in kindergarten.The whole concept of high school sports almost makes me mad. It is just that"¦ high school sports. Today, there is way too much stress and competition put into high school sports. I used to play soccer, for Mullen actually, but I just couldn't handle the competitiveness some of the girls had. I can understand if you are a little competitive if say, you are going for a full ride scholarship, and you have the potential. There is the key point"¦ if you are not already on varsity as a freshman, maybe sophomore, then you don't have the potential. All of us on the prep team don't have potential for a scholarship. I don't mean to drop all hope, but I am a very real person who doesn't have false hopes for myself. Just be true to yourself, so when you are on lets say, the prep team as a sophomore and end up getting cut for the refusal to try"¦ it is probably because you couldn't handle people being untrue to themselves and putting others down in the process. That is what high school sports are.The nightlife and social life is high school is all a blur to me. I am not quite sure if I have something others don't, or it could very well be missing something, but to tell you the truth I just don't understand. I don't understand why"¦someone would spend an hour and a half to get ready to go to the movies. "¦You would throw a huge party and get caught, just to look cool. "¦. People put all their time and effort in to a boy. "¦. Someone...

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