The Wonderful Mayhem Of A Merry Christmas

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Growing up with two brothers and two sisters under one little roof was chaotic to say the least. If we weren't bickering about who sits in the floorboard of the cramped car then we were arguing over who dipped their finger in the pudding meant for dessert. However, we have all grown older, moved away and now have children of our own. Since then, I've learned that on at least one occasion, the chaos is what makes it fun. I couldn't imagine our Christmas Eve any other way. From the time the guests arrive, through dinner and Santa's visit, pandemonium is expected the whole day through.On December 24th, the look of peace and tranquility can be deceiving in the grey and brick two story house on Carlisle Road. Large red velvet bows decorate each front window and bright white lights shimmer in the naked dogwood trees like stars in the black sky. Inside, the distinct smell of honey baked ham covered with pineapples fills your nose and leaves your mouth watering. The faint sounds of Christmas carols play continuously in the background. The 7 foot Douglas Fur tree stands tall in front of the huge bay window in the living room. Tiny white lights nestled within the tree illuminate the gold garland that swoops from limb to limb. Small red bows trimmed in gold are at the tip of almost every branch with either gold or glass ornaments dangling perfectly beneath. At the top, sits an angel wearing a white satin gown with sparkling gold wings representing the true meaning of Christmas. Finally, with every detail flawlessly in its place, the Christmas Eve frenzy is ready for its guests.It always amuses me to watch my closest relatives arrive for this annual event. In the driveway and along the street, several pick-up trucks and several cars look like they were parked by drunk drivers. Aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews multiply by the minute. The stomping footsteps and the screeching laughs of children sound like a stampede of hyenas as they enter the house. Many of them struggle to carry the stacks of presents inside to the tree. Some clumsy, careless ones don't even mind dropping them on the pavement or tearing the wrapping off along the way. On their mind is the sweet ham scent coming from the oven.Dinner is finally served. The mayhem at this time would make most parents extremely aggravated, but almost anything is tolerated here on Christmas Eve. Too many guests for one table caused us to separate our feast onto two. Both...

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