The Wonderful Unknown: An Analysis Of Erich Heckel

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The Wonderful Unknown: An Analysis of Erich Heckel
Through this time period the feminist movement in Europe was growing rapidly. During the eighteenth century is actually when the term feminism started to be used. More and more rights were being granted to women around the world, but still they were not equal. Also, during this time is when World War I was fought. The Great War brought down many countries and destroyed many, but because of this tragic event there has been a massive deal of new art. These events alone caused a boundless change in the art world; music and paintings began to reflect what went on around them. The modern era was a time of rapid change and there was many events ...view middle of the document...

The color he uses around them also sets the tone of the painting. One unique part of this piece is the background, which has an image of the crucifixion of Jesus, but it is a darker and gloomier depiction than usual.
Erich Heckel is an expressionist, much like the majority of the painters during this time era. This bunch of artists do the same artistic style and for the most part have the same mood in their work. Sean Rainbird stated, “Although the impact of these shows was distinctly national rather than international, they contributed to a reawakening of interest in the earlier Expressionists, offering opportunities to modify and broaden our perceptions of their work…”(727). The expressionists of this time brought back thoughts and ideas from before; this also happen with many other styles. One art piece that most people are familiar with is The Scream by Edvard Munch; this is a great example of an expressionist painting. All the meaning is in the face of the character, which is visible is Heckel’s paintings as well. The streaks from the paintbrush can be seen is most of his works, the art seems simple at first, but if one really looks into it they will see a deeper meaning shown in the expression of the characters.
The modern era, especially in Germany has huge influences from artist similar to Heckel. Because Heckel was born in Germany, most of his known impact is demonstrated there. Today, there are museums that are dedicated to artist that were not well known, but there influences are explained. In...

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