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The Wonderful Workforce Essay

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Separation in the workforce between male and female jobs creates a setting of inequality and instability in the work force, which limits certain career paths citizens should pursue and promotes an idea of inequality in employment opportunities.
In tradition, the man is the breadwinner of the family; while this has changed, men still dominate many career paths. Once upon a time, only men were allowed to play sports in high school. This had drastically changed, due to Title IX, a law that provided opportunities to different career paths (“Mythbusting”). But, on a professional sport level, women are not seen playing in the NFL or the NBA. Women have their own leagues, like the Women’s Basketball Association. There are blended sports, but, for the most part, men and women are separate. The main argument is that women are not as physically able as men and therefore, they should not compete with men. People see this separation as fair; but, this gender separation will lead to men controlling the sports world (Faulmueller 1-2). However, the amount of women in professional coaching careers is diminutive. A mere two to three percent of male teams are coached by females and in women’s sports, the amount of female coaches has plummeted forty-two percent; female coaches already earn less than their counterparts and many are now struggling to find new careers (Waldron 2.”Facts” 40). Another career path where women are poorly represented is the military. The 1994 Direct Ground Combat Definition and Assignment Rule hamper women from operating in ground units. While the military had taken huge steps to gender equality, such as raising restrictions for women to flying in action and assisting on combat ships, they remain the only career that impedes women from taking certain jobs (“Women” 1). Women make up a mere fourteen percent of all divisions and only ten percent of the upper levels (“Facts” 29). Out of the two million officers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, only 280,000 were female (“Women” 1). Women in the military face the same argument: women are not as physically fit as men. The statistics are staggering; compared to men, women have sufficiently lower numbers: in upper body strength, fifty-six percent, in leg strength, eighty percent, and in gripping strength, sixty-nine percent. The military has changed their fit test to provide women more opportunity, such as allowing women three more minutes to finish a two-mile run and only having to hold a pull-up for sixteen seconds (Haley 14-15). Is this equality though? Finally, males have dominated the religion career path. While the statistics are slowly changing, they are still extremely low in several denominations. For example, in the Free Methodists Church denomination, only one percent of pastors are female (“Quick” 2). Some women, like Judy Yudof, have had success in religious careers; Judy became the president of the Conservative Jewish Movement in America (McIntosh 81). Katherine Jefferts...

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