The Wonderful World Of Children Essay

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All children are unique. Therefore a childcare workers personality should be specific, they also need to make sure that their daily lesson plan fits the age group and keeps the children's attention, and though the career of child care takes lots of hard work, dedication, and patience it requires little education though it is recommended. Childcare can be a fun experience if you take the time to give it a chance.If you have already had an opportunity to take care of children, then you probably know you need some special qualities to work with young kids. The character and personality you bring to your work are very important. A childcare workers personality will help them to be more successful as they work with young children and their parents. As a childcare worker you need to be prepared to communicate effectively with adults as well as children. You need to be able to maintain contact with parents or guardians through informal meetings or scheduled conferences. "Parents expect childcare workers to act as 'temporary parents,' and parents may often feel conflicted and anxious that they are still involved with their children's lives during the time when they cannot be with them, they will want to be informed." (Sanna 8) Each time you decide how to act in any given situation, you are also deciding the sort of character you want to have. This is when the other aspects of character (integrity, trustworthiness, justice, fairness, and citizenship) become very important. You then treat others, including your students as you would want to be treated. This means that as a child care worker you will need to remember what it felt like to be their age, living in a world with people who were much older. "You should respect children's individuality and not take advantage of your own power. You also must think in a parents perspective how would you want your own children to be treated by their childcare worker?" (Sanna 12) You also need to be enthusiastic and energetic and have physical and emotional stamina to keep up with young children. "You need to be constantly alert, in order to foresee and prevent discipline and safety problems" (Sanna 8). Children have very short attention spans and need to be entertained therefore, your skills in music, art, drama, and storytelling will make the care you provide for the children much more interesting to the children. A child's first day of daycare may be frustrating for them and you. This may cause them not to want to participate in daycare activities; to encourage the child to open up you should have a one on one conference with the parent. Try to get them to compare how the child acts at home with how you perceive them to be at school. Ask the parent what activities the child enjoys at home and see if you can't incorporate them into your daily classroom lesson plans. You can also ask the parent to come sit in on class if they have the time. This just might help the child to interact better with students and want to...

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