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Chocolate has become one of the most popular food type and flavors in today’s industry. From dark, to milk, to white, and so many other flavors, the enhancing ability this ingredient has is very important to chefs in order to make their dishes staples. From putting it into a chilli to folding it into batter there is no other flavor that can compare to chocolate. But where does this extraordinary flavor come from, how do we get it, and what is the difference between all the different types of chocolate and different cocoa percentages? From learning through the bakeshop ingredients chapter and experimenting with the different types of chocolate the answers to these questions are closer than ...view middle of the document...

These nibs are ground into a paste known as chocolate liquor. Additives such as milk, sugar, and or vanilla may be added at this point. The chocolate at this point is gritty. To remove the grittiness the factories use a conche which finely grinds, kneads, and aerates the chocolate with heat. This whole process is referred to as conching. Conching may take as long as four days in order to achieve the desired texture as well as to remove any water and acid. Finally the chocolate is then removed from the conch, cooled, and then poured into molds to be further cooled .

Who knew so much labor went into achieving that one decadent bite. Through trying chocolates as an experiment in related we quickly found out not all chocolates are not that decadent. The first day of trying was not the best . Types of chocolate being eaten included Baker’s Chocolate, Lindt 90% cocoa, Lindt 80% cocoa, Godiva Dark Chocolate, and Hershey’s Dark Chocolate. The textures were fairly smooth, however the mouthfeel was not as rich and creamy as I would like. The flavor of the Bakers, 90%, and 80 % were strong cocoa flavors that some did not appreciate. The Godiva dark to me was the most pleasant dark chocolate seeing that it is the highest quality we tried with more cocoa butter. Then once we went to a lower...

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