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The Wonders Of Bread Essay

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I am a firm believer that freshly baked bread is one of the greatest joys in the world. It is like a blanket fresh out of the dryer. Its decadent, crunchy crust, baked to golden brown perfection, and the warm, fluffy inside leaves little to be desired. The sensation of biting into freshly baked bread is like no other. The feeling of the crust crunching between your teeth and the fluffy, cloud-like interior sends your senses to a euphoric-like state. The sheer and utter bliss of eating good bread leaves you full and satisfied. That being said, not all bread is good, which is a shame, really. There is some bread out there that is not worthy of consumption and should be avoided at all cost, but, regardless, there is something special about the taste of all bread, whether its texture is lacking or not.
Bread is one of the greatest foods of all time and has been around for centuries, filling the stomachs of everyone, rich and poor. It is ...view middle of the document...

Aside from simple flavor enhancers, bread’s flavor can also be enhanced with toppings and fillings, similar to a donut. Bread can be filled with anything your heart desires. If you’re craving something that is sweet (but not too sweet), then a red bean paste filling would complement sweet bread very well. Something more on the savory side, perhaps? Then ham, sausage, or even dried pork would taste great. However, if none of these fillings sounds remotely appetizing to you, do not fret! Bread can be filled with virtually anything, ranging from Nutella to spaghetti, and, yes, spaghetti bread is a real thing and it is absolutely delicious. Of course, taste is something that is strictly subjective, but I personally have not met a single person who dislikes bread. Only people who are allergic to wheat or gluten, and people who are too worried about consuming carbs.
The wonderful thing about bread is, once again, its versatility. If you do not like it, then you can also find or make bread with different things, leading to different tastes, appearances, and textures. There is normal white bread, whole grain bread, sourdough bread, potato bread, and even flatbread, which can all be used similarly and, typically, can be used interchangeably. There are also so many different flavors and possibilities that come with bread, and, thankfully, making bread requires little to no effort.
Making bread is not “as easy as pie”. In fact, it is much easier than pie, and the crust even makes itself! The ingredients are cheap and last a long time. All you need it yeast, flour, oil, eggs, warm water, and salt (which controls the yeast while improving flavor and texture). Other ingredients can also be added in later on for taste or texture such as fruits or nuts. Aside from the ingredients listed above, the only other thing that would be necessary for making bread is a large bowl. To make bread, one simply has to mix the warm water with the yeast, wait for the yeast to finish reacting, mix all the ingredients together, keep adding in flour until it becomes dough (but not rough and crumbly), and then, finally, you get to let out any pent up frustration by punching it until it becomes nice and smooth.

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