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The Wonders Of Pre Workout Supplements

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Getting to the gym is the hardest part of working out, but if one takes a pre workout supplement beforehand they are more likely to have a productive day at the gym. Using pre workout supplements help with muscle recovery and more enhanced energy. The question is, which supplement do should someone take? Creatine, Glutamine, and Taurine are ingredients in pre workout supplements that will make working out more productive.
First Creatine is an organic acid that is made naturally in the body. It is formed from amino acids from the kidney and liver. Creatine supplies energy to the cells that make up the body’s muscles. Creatine made by the body is used to give energy to more important muscles, ...view middle of the document...

Taurine like Creatine is made naturally by the body within the amino acids. Taurine is ideal for the function of the cardiovascular and skeletal system, both are needed when doing an aerobic exercise. Taurine is found naturally in seafood and meat, though not enough of it will be absorbed through a high protein diet. Taking a supplement will help increase the levels of Taurine in the body, giving the body a boost of energy to last through a whole workout.
Additionally Taurine helps the cardiovascular system work harder without the feeling that it is working harder. While taking a supplement with Taurine in it the brain is more focused, allowing the mental performance of a workout to excel. Having a good mental game when working out is crucial. When taking a supplement with Taurine, the body will reach its maximum capability to transport and use oxygen. The point in which the body hits exhaustion will come later rather than sooner.
Third Glutamine is used as a recovery aid after working out. When the body is under illness or injury the body will make Glutamine and store it in the necessary areas. Glutamine can be found in foods like; beef, chicken, fish, eggs, wheat, beans, and dairy products. The most effect use of Glutamine is for the repair of muscles, due to the fact that it is made within the

muscles. “Glutamine not only helps a recovering muscle but a recovery body, keeping the immune system running smooth.” (Agostini Page 57)
Also Glutamine is most useful for workouts that are intense and timely, it allows the body to push past the point it could not normally reach. Since Glutamine helps the immune system, getting sick is less likely to happen, fighting off bacteria is an everyday job for this amino acid. It is essential for the body to be in good health when on a regular workout routine, Taurine will help maintain a healthy body. With the increase in recovery time, it will allow the body to work harder more frequently without the feeling that the muscles are becoming strained. Intense workouts will drain the body of its natural Glutamine so taking a five gram supplement will help maintain the Glutamine levels through the whole workout.
All in all, working out is hard and painful, so why not make the experience a little...

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