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The Words Don't Say Essay

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(An evaluation on Everything Stuck to Him and how the ending makes the ending and the story clear.)
Each story is made up of little moments. We are defined by the different moments and it becomes who we are. When we are young our life was made up of different experiences that happen. We learned to walk when we were one year old and now that is one of the only ways we can get around. Little children soon learn how to say different words starting with Mon and Dad, but eventually they learn the full English language. However, if they were born in another country their first words could have been Vater and Mutter. The place people live creates different experiences and when this happen we see ...view middle of the document...

Once the story is finally started and the girl learns more about her family’s story. It shows the girl the beginning of her life, but this girl is grown up. This isn’t a little girl and it seems sad that she hasn’t already heard this story. It is about her beginning, but you don’t see any of that. At first glance it might seem as if it was just a story that was overlooked, but this man had lived in Italy for a long time and his daughter was barely visiting. “Speaking brightly, she asks if he is going to show her the city, after all.” She didn’t know her father or at least they hadn’t talked for a period of time. These two people didn’t know each other. At the end of the story we had this idea that this family was going to work the kinks out and would finish what they started, but the ending showed that something went wrong. These two people, though family had no relationship.
The father took responsibility for his family at the end of Stuck. The story discusses a family that had to make a choice. A young family has everything going against them. Add a baby and things get crazy. These teenager know what they are suppose to do, but aren’t sure exactly how to do it. Young and inexperienced is the only way to truly explain this family. Concepts of responsibility, family and alone were starting to dawn on them. Their parents weren’t around anymore to help and they had the beginning of their own family. They knew this, what it truly came down to being responsible. The boy wasn’t sure what the word meant in regards to his family. His childish past was still in the back of his mind and he didn’t want to let go. At the end it was time to show that he was ready to be accountable for his family. “The girl and the baby slept on. After a while, the boy went to the kitchen and started frying bacon.” By staying, instead of leaving to go hunting, he showed that young boy was ready to be a man. One little decision changed the life of his family.
At the end of Stuck you realize that in the end it didn’t last even after the initial trial. We have this false hope that...

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