The Work Of A Solicitor And A Barrister

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The Work of a Solicitor and a Barrister

In the legal profession, there are two main categories of a lawyer.
These two categories are barristers and solicitors. Between the two
there are differences such as their training, their wages as well as
their individual roles. In this essay, I will be discussing the
different areas and how they differ. I will also compare them to each
other and will analyse and evaluate them.

To train as a barrister, you need a degree of at least at upper second
class honors. If the degree is in law then the graduate can go onto
the next stage of training. However, if the degree is in another
subject than law, then the student must do a Common Professional
Examination or then a Postgraduate Diploma in Law to go onto the next
stage of training as a Barrister. This is known as the academic
training. On the other hand, to train as a solicitor the graduate is
needed to have a similar educational background to a barrister. It is
essential to have a degree of some sort and by doing a Common
Professional Examination (CPE), it provides general knowledge of the
subject. This is handy as when the student goes and does their
practical training, they are not shocked by what is going on. It
provides a brief insight.

During a barristers training, once the academic side has been
completed, the hopeful barrister is required to join one of the four
Inns of Court, either Gray's Inn, Lincoln's Inn, the Middle Temple or
then the Inner Temple. After joining one of the four Inns, the
barrister has to attend twelve dinners or then if not one can attend
educational forums such as weekend residential courses. The purpose of
the dinners is so that the barrister can meet people of the same
profession such as judges. The barrister makes contacts so that when
they need advice of any sort, they can ask a contact. This is
beneficial as the barrister can learn additional information from the
senior and experienced members of the professional as not everything
is written in black and white.

The Bar Vocational Course (BVC) is the practical part of a barristers
training. The BVC helps to develop key skills such as legal research,
fact management and advocacy as well as the core areas of knowledge of
civil and criminal litigation and evidence and sentencing. Then after
completing the BVC, the students are called to the Bar where they
graduate. The duration of this course is one year. Each student on the
BVC course pays between £4000 and £7000.

A solicitor goes on a vocational course known as the Legal Practice
Course (LPC) where the students can expect to pay between £4000 and
£7000. The duration of this course is one year as is the barristers
training. The course is of a practical nature and consist the students
learning a variety of skills and techniques. For example...

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