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The Reign Of Charlemagne Essay

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1. A) Explain how Europe even today is largely the result of Charlemagne’s efforts, according to the author; B) What role did Christianity play in the process of forming Europe?
Charlemagne made many contributes to the current Rome. He inspired many of the rulers after him, but Otto I was the most successful of them all. He concord most of the land back that Charles had. His land was soon known as the Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire was an important political entity in the Middle Ages. Charles built a palace in Aachen, where he died and was buried. This location was the coronation for emperors up till the sixteenth century. He developed monastic schools. These schools preserved the traditional way of learning. Charles created offices like counts, missi dominic, church officials, and more. He helped to preserve most of the work done during that time. His style of writing was not really popular then, but eventually it became the lower case letter we use today. He developed this style of writing because the way they wrote was hard to understand and was easy to make errors. Charles done all of his work because he believed that he was doing it for God.
2. Describe the ascent of both Pepin III and Charlemagne to the Frankish throne. Include internal family struggles and problems in your account.
When Charles was six he started military training. At the age of fifteen his father allowed him to be the overlordship in Austrasian. When his father died in 768, the empire was divided between him and his brother. The Charlemagne learned how to be an Emperor because he watched how his father led the Franks. It was in 741, that Charlemagne got to be a leader, but he was not the only Carolingian leader. The land was split between him and his brother.
Charles was extremely upset because of how the land was divided. His land was in a half circle around his brother’s land. His brother, Carloman, got the central and eastern part of Francia. This made it so Charles did not have an easy way to contact Rome. He was even more upset at his brother when he would not help him with the Aquitania campaign. The anger just kept building between the brothers when they became fathers. Charlemagne had planned to name his child Pepin, but Carloman’s child was born first so he took the name. This seems kind of crazy to get mad about, but during that time names where important and people believed that they carried special powers in the family. Charles took any chance that he could to get back at his brother. He joined with Bavaria and Lombardy. Because of this Carloman was restricted. The question now is who would be the first to turn on the other? Sooner or later the brother would enter a battle to see who was stronger. It turns out neither turned on the other because Pepin died in 771. This made Charlemagne sol ruler, but he should not have been because Pepin had a son. His son was too young at the time to take over.

3. Relate the quote from Shakespeare about the milk...

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