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The Works Of A. A. Milne

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Although an extremely successful playwright author, talented poem author, and a superb novelist in his early years of writing, A. A. Milne is known around the world because of his highly treasured children’s book series, Winnie-the-Pooh. Milne’s love for writing and words started at a young age, but he didn’t pursue this career path until after graduating from Cambridge with a degree in mathematics according to S. Ward (9). Milne was able to relate to the young readers of his children’s books, as well as give a sort of distinguished outlook with the parents and adult readers. Alan ventured far beyond children’s literature, unwilling to stay with one type of writing for too long of a period of time. Because Alan Alexander Milne attempted many contrasting types of work, he showed to be skillful in writing a wide variety of compositions.
Milne’s love for literature began at a young age. John Vine Milne, A. A. Milne’s father, was an extremely competent and highly educated schoolmaster. He was the master of a school house for boys called the Henley House, which was located in London. His mother was a teacher as well. Alan did not prosper because of special attributes at home, as he had two older brothers that were not as auspicious as he. Alan Alexander had true talent from a young age. His father was at home one morning teaching the two older brothers how to read a small word. Although the brothers were unable to, John was appalled that “three-year-old Alan could. ‘Cat,’ he said” (Ward 6). In later years, at his father’s school house, Alan was taught by an extremely talented author, H. G. Wells. Milne and his brother Kenneth, together loved literature. Before Milne was a teenager, the two brothers reenacted dramas, wrote articles, and in later years, poems.
Highly represented as a Queen’s Scholar at Westminster School, Alan attended classes that allowed him develop a strong desire to write. Although highly affluent in writing, Milne began mathematics studies at Cambridge University in England. Cambridge has a student magazine, The Granta, that Alan wrote for. He wrote “light verse,” which is short funny stories and poems (YourDictionary). While earning an Honors in mathematics at the Trinity College in Cambridge, Alan “did edit and write for Granta as an undergraduate. One humorous serial in particular, "Jeremy, I and the Jelly-fish", caught the attention of R. C. Lehmann of Punch, and that eventually led Alan to contribute to Punch himself” (Rakkav). In later years, Alan published a poem that related back to his times while writing for The Granta.
Besides trying to make a living and earn enough income to support himself, Alan’s main priority when writing for the Punch was to entertain his audience. Alan marked many stories and poems with his initials, A. A., instead of his first name, and sent them into the Punch. A. A. Milne’s work didn’t get published very often at all in the beginning at Punch. He was into near...

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