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The World And You Essay

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Midtown Manhattan... An apartment is standing in the midway of 53rd street. Even without comparing the apartment to other buildings near it, people could tell that the apartment is old. Manhattan is called as New York's downtown. The old apartment's aged and dusty appearance in the center of Manhattan resembled people of a pansy flower in a desert, both the looks and the flower language of it. "Should not exist". . .

Nowadays, a handrail on a top of apartments is as common as a door knob on a door. Absence of a handrail tells the age of the building indirectly. Unfortunately, words like age or old only have good nuance when used for an art, the winner. Without any doubts, the apartment is a loser and the word old is only used to cut its price even more.

Near the apartment is usually empty. The only things exist around the apartment are the residents and travelers who got lost. Pigeons, street animals, and even human beggars are not presented in this place. Why? Because anyone and anything can find more comfortable life elsewhere. The empty place is only filled by this lonely apartment, like an American flag on the moon.

Strangely, in this place of quiet, much more people are presented today. Police officers, residents, and people who were turmoil, but have nothing to do with the situation. Including yours, everyone's eyes point the figure on the roof of the apartment. Black pants to shirt of white color with a black tie. Scruffy, but not dirty hairstyle. And the glasses mirroring the sunlight and protecting the wearer's eyes from others' glances.

It was a man. Standard of office workers as measured with a ruler. He looked so common that people with similar outfits are looking up from the ground. Nobody would notice him if he was not sitting on a edge of the apartment's roof. It was just a mere change of location, that is it. But he is not at the center of everyone's attention.

The man stands up. In his right hand, a cell phone is being held. The same model as yours. It tells you one thing: He is the one that called the police and created this storm. Predicting what normal people could predict, you try to hear the man's voice.


The man shouts. The voice can only be described by the word "normal". Due to his ordinariness, you decide to call him John Doe. From his tones, you could catch the fact that he is in a desperate situation, but you could not understand a word he just shouted. More clearly put, you did not have any interest in what he just said. Even without hearing what he is saying the situation was clear. It is a suicide threat. Realizing that fact was enough to keep your presence here. Why did you decide to stay? Because it is rare to face this kind of incident? Or because you did not have anything else to do? No one would ever know.

For a few minutes, your head was...

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