The World At The Office" Essay

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"Work can not get much worse for me than when my co-workers are all day around bothering me. Most difficult colleagues are oblivoius to their nightmare behavior. In my job, I have found a variety of personalities that sometime drive me crazy. I think that this diversity is because people fill different social roles in an office environment. I have accepted the fact of diversity as a general rule. Just like in any school or neighborhood, people play different social roles. However, I have created six categories to classify my actual co-workers. They fall into the gossip, the single-minded, the loud one, the know it all, the intentionally disruptive, and the you're coming with me.The Gossip. ...view middle of the document...

This can also occur in small doses-instead of multi-tasking. The single-minded can focus only on one task at a time. I have avoided interrupting this coworker at that task that she sees as imperative toward reaching that ultimate one-track goal. If I notice that she likes taking responsibility for a specific task due to single-mindedness, I allow her to own it and I find something else to do. When she is busy, and I interrupt her, she gets frustrated easily.The Loud One. This person is not the gossip, but he is a close friend of her. The loud one simply knows no whisper. Everything he says is loud and heard by all, whether the matter is private or not. Sometimes, he will talk me aloud to confuse and to embarrass me. Everybody will be disrupted when he speaks. Now, when I need to speak with the loud one, I try conversing in a separate room or backroom to avoid embarrassment or yelling. This person does not know what discretion means at all.The Know It All. The most difficult of all to handle is the know it all. He acts as he knows everything. Most likely, the know it all considers himself overqualified for their position. He interrupts anyone to answer questions or concerns posed to them by others. Management will typically condone this behavior, seeing the know it all as resourceful or driven. This coworker needs to be at the top of his game at all times, even if that means constantly jumping in with weird information. He is always trying to demonstrate that he knows every procedure in the company. Sometimes, when he interferes too much with anyone else work, we go right to the boss with this. It is best for the boss to have a gentle discussion with the know it all as this type is particularly sensitive and feels that he is complete in...

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