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It was 10:56 pm, July 20, 1969 and the Lunar Module was slightly opening to the sound of space and oxygen smashing, colliding into one another, “zzwwwwsshhhh.”(Neil Armstrong Biography) The glazing, glooming moon surface was ready to be landed on, ready to be “historicized.” Buzz was non-stop jabbering and blabbering with his mouth showing excitement as if he was a little kid who sees a big lollipop. As we were just inches away from making the biggest step in history, my eyes were as big as the sun looking out through the window from our tiny and cramped space shuttle, the Apollo 11. Just in when we were being saturated into the moon’s dusty atmosphere, I stared into the twinkling stars in the black depth of time and energy, the only thing that made it pretty were those gleaming sparkles of dust.
In the act of walking down towards the moon’s surface, when my substantial boots that held my space suit altogether would once step on that dusty, cloudy, and soft exterior of the moon, I knew what I was going to say, “ That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”(Neil Armstrong Biography). I had to force my feet into the facial of the moon, so I could put my gloves onto something so never real before. It was like being in air for who knows how long, though we couldn’t play for long, could we. “ Armstrong, start hollering the empty buckets,” Michael Collions said, at least that’s what I thought he said. So as I walked back into Apollo 11 to get what was asked of me to, I stopped and just felt amazed, proud, and honored, I just stood there and looked out again to those sparkling dusty spots in the deep hole of time and energy. It was as if this was all surreal, but then I came back to reality and ran to get the massive buckets, since we had to race against the ticking of the clocks.
As I rushed to Collions and Buzz with the empty buckets, he said that we only two and a half hours, that might seem long to many, but in space is it like a clock is ticking at the speed of a bomb, ready to be destroyed. So immediately we grabbed our heavy-duty shovels and started to dig holes like Stanley Yelnats did in the book Holes. I was sweaty and the temperature of my body was hotter then the sun. My arms were slippery and my head started to shake. The only thing that kept me determined was the fact everyone was counting on us. We only filled the very tip top of two buckets and still had two others to fill. My suit didn’t provide air...

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