The World Is A Beautiful Place, B Lawrence Ferlinghetti

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti wrote his poem, “The World Is a Beautiful Place…,” in 1955. It was a time of war and suffering, especially due to the imminent Vietnam War and Civil Rights Movement beginning in 1955. In this poem, Lawrence Ferlinghetti reveals the world’s disguised beauty with his distinctive poetic patterns, rhythm, irony and unique style to illustrate the connotative perception of the world and how the world and life itself can truly be beautiful no matter how long it takes for one to come to such conclusion.
Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poem, “The World Is a Beautiful Place…,” is written in a ping-pong pattern. To the reader’s eyes, this poetic form can be confusing and stressful to interpret, or understand, the poet’s representation of what really lies between the lines in this poem. The lines are constantly broken apart; they sometimes linger, or pause abruptly. In addition, while reading this poem, the reader will instinctively read slower or faster at certain sections of the poem due to its sudden use of rhyme. This is what makes this poem interesting. The reader can not only read this poem once to understand it. It takes multiple readings and great thought to decipher that the poet actually uses this pattern in this poem to depict life’s difficulties, abrupt pauses, lingering suffering, and sometimes broken dreams. This poems reveals that sometimes, during the suffering, dying, or during our “upturned faces” things may seem slow, because we linger on our problems, or as the poets depicts, “a touch of hell now and then.” During our battles, our “improprieties” preyed by “its men of instinction…of extinction…and its various segregations and congressional investigations and other constipations” the world may seem to be spinning faster as time seems to go by quicker. I feel that Ferlinghetti portrays the world’s spinning and lingered times by his forthwith, swiftly use of rhyme. Then, finally, the author depicts the bright side of our world, its revealed beauty after previous sufferings and lost dreams, as people begin “smelling flowers” and “living it up.”
Surprising and unexpectedly, Ferlinghetti stops the world’s, and life’s, beauty with the word “but.” It seems as if in the midst of all happiness there will always be a “but” that take a turn for our hopes and dreams. By reading through the lines, the reader will see that Ferlinghetti is not really depicting the world’s beauty, yet he is ironically depicting the search for its beauty. For most, the world’s beauty is hidden, thus one may not vision such a beautiful world through all its suffering, dying, and people starving. For some, it may take a lifetime to finally reveal our world’s beauty. However, Ferlinghetti uses irony by conveying that after the lifetime it would take to find our world’s beauty and happiness, it would be too late to enjoy it because we die, or are soon will die; this could be referenced to Carpe diem, since Ferlinghetti conveys the idea that one...

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