The World Is Flat Part Ii

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The World Is flat Part II


As we continue to look at world flatteners there is so much that is incorporated into the equation. Countries must be willing to be open to a free market, and compete competitively. They need to be able to survive in a flat world. Countries and the companies that represent them must be willing to sacrifice and move forward. Without this kind of adaptation, they cannot compete. Some countries will be left behind. Change is not always an easy concept, and markets are very competitive. Countries need to train and work as a unit with large companies to reach a common goal and stay in the game.
For example, a China is a sophisticated region and their workers and companies have mastered the trade. They utilize every resource and make products that are cheap. That is what we look for. Products that last that are relatively inexpensive. I guess you could say they have cornered the market. They have a unique system of making mass quantities and export them in a timely fashion, by communicating, production and the right people in the right places making the right decisions. The key is education and being informed and always changing and fine-tuning the system so it works effectively. These companies need to be creative and stay one-step ahead of their competitor.
Companies are doing things they never thought were necessary and doing things they could have never imagined doing before. It is a fight to stay alive in the world today. The competition is fierce and a strategic marketing plan is necessary. Growth and change are essential for staying in the game. Companies need to stay out in front learning and
responding to what the consumer needs and wants. It is not always what the companies CEO’s believe is the best. The people of the world the consumers have the most valuable opinion. They are the driving force behind the economy. Some companies choose to be stubborn and do not always relate to the average majority of consumers. This is a mistake on their part, listen and stay ahead of the game. Outsourcing by the best companies encourages growth. Shrinking the workforce to save money is counter productive. There is strength in numbers. Companies who try to save money by cutting their workforce are only hurting themselves. Outsourcing goes hand in hand, with all aspects of business and it is just an important as collaboration and marketing.
Workers are the companies most valuable assets ,with poor working conditions workers will not cooperate, good wages and education benefit the individuals as well as company objectives. People will go that extra mile. When workers are exposed to poor working conditions they are just there being robotic. By companies keeping there employees involved keeps the company moving forward. We all like challenges and we all like being rewarded for it. The workforce in the backbone of any company. Educate and keep them interested.
Freidman does not believe the world is flat yet,...

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