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THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH The time was 2003. There was a Lebanese king named the Great Basher of Camelot. He was the second to serve king in the newly founded government of Lebanon. Just like his father, he was a clever and strong, Lebanese king. His words were influential to people and he was respected well by his people. King Basher used his good looks with his long black hair spread out like a lion's mane, his tall muscular physyc and his easy-going attitude to help others. He only wore the finest clothes and the most beautiful and expensive jewelry. King Basher was young for a King for his father died early in life and left his thrown to his only son. Young Basher was only 20 years old but had a wit of a wise old man. Basher was a war hero known for his superior strength on the battlefield. He killed men by the hundreds with his customary platinum Arabian sword. At this time in his life, King Basher was going through many dilemmas. He was on a conquest of taking over the whole world and at this time his country was at war with America and Canada. At the present time he had taken over Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. Basher and his army were very powerful, known for their brutal leader. King Basher's strength came from his god. He could have demolished the Americas within days if he wanted to but there was one thing that was holding him back. He had a love that lived in Canada and was infatuated by her. She was the daughter of the President of Canada (in this story Canada is it's own country and not a sister to England). King Basher had known this daughter for only a short while but had connected with her and fallen in love with her instantly. He began to spend more and more time with her. He trusted her fully and gave her his world. Under his tough exterior that he presented to everyone, there was a gentle soul that wanted to be loved.The day after the takeover of Japan, Basher threw a party in his country in Beirut. The whole country was celebrating for they knew that this was a stepping point for the rest of the world. There were people on the streets dancing and drinking, making noise and cheering. Everyone in the country was happy except for one individual. King Basher had left everyone and stayed in his bedroom in his glorious palace. He kept himself busy by polishing off his famed sword that single handedly broke through the mass force which Japan had setup as a trap for Basher and his men and made it's way to the throat of the Japanese President and cut him from ear to ear. He was up in his room thinking about his meaning in life.He was having thoughts on his stature in his future kingdom and how to run the world after he took over. But most importantly he was thinking about his future with this new woman in his life. Basher ordered not to be disturbed as he recalled the special times he had with this special woman. He recalled the first time that he had met her and how she first appeared to him. She had a tall, slender...

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The World Is Not Enough Essay

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The World Is Not Enough Essay

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