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The World Of Ancient Persia Essay

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In the sixth century B.C, the land that we now call Iran was the center of the largest empire in the world. The kings of Ancient Persia( such as Cyrus the Great) were the leaders of a great civilization that made amazing advances in laws, goverment and communication. Founded in 550 B.C by King Cyrus the Great, the Persian Empire spanned from Egypt in the west to Turkey in the north, and through Mesopotamia to the Indus River in the east. Unlike most empires at that time, the Persian kings were benovelent rulers, and allowed a diverse variety of diffrent people with diffrent ethnic backgrounds. The Persian empire was split into three diffrent empires with three diffrent time periods but the first empire was called the Achaemenid Empire. It began with King Cyrus the Great and ended with King Darius III.
The Acheamenid Empire's first ruler was Cyrus the Great. According to Herodotus, a Greek historian, Cyrus was the son of an Iranian nobleman and a Median princess who was the daughter of the Median king Astyages. In 600 B.C, the Medes ruled the Persians. After the birth of Cyrus the Great, Astyages (the King of the Medes) had a dream that was interpreted as a sign that his grandson would eventually overthrow him. He ordered his steward Harpagus to kill Cyrus but he was morally unable to kill a newborn so he summoned the Mardian Mitradates ( a royal bandit herdsman from the mountainous region bordering the Saspires) and ordered him to leave the baby to die in the mountains. The herdsman and his wife (whom Herodotus calls Cyno in Greek, and Spaca-o in Median) took pity and raised the child as their own. However many historians dispute this and there is very little evidence about King Cyrus's childhood but King Cyrus did mange to overthrow the Astyages in around 550 B.C. Cyrus began to build his empire after the Assyrian Empire. By 545 B.C, Cyrus gained control of the kingdom of Lydia and took over the Greek colonies in Ionia. In about 539 B.C Cyrus's armies had conquered Babylonia and Cyrus freed the Jews who were in captivity and allowed them to return to Jerusalam. He was a very kind and just king, and was unlike any king that had ever ruled at that time. He refused to allow any slaves in his empire and did not impose one religion on his subjects. He allowed them to follow any religion they wanted to and practice their traditions as long as they payed their taxes and obeyed the laws. Cyrus was the best king the ancient world had ever seen, but sadly he didnt live for long. He died in battle in 530 B.C and chose to be buried in Pasargadae. His tomb was very simple, yet elegant. After 2,500 years later, his tomb is still standing. After his death his son Cambyses II took power.
King Cyrus the Great was diffrent from most rulers because of his tolerance of the diffrent ethnic and religious groups that were in his empire. The inscriptions on the Cyrus cylinder record how King Cyrus the Great restored the ruined sanctuaries in Babylonia and even...

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