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The World Of Competitive Gaming Essay

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Video games are commonly known as games that you play for fun or as a hobby, but what if this fun could turn into your profession. Most video games started out as arcade games played to reach the highest score. People played with a "fistful of quarters" each day to try and reach the top of the score board. A prime example of someone who is well known on the high score board is Billy Mitchell. In the documentary, King of Kong: A fistful of quarters, Billy stated,
"There'll always be the argument that video games are meant to be played for fun. Believe me, some of it is a lot of fun. Video games are meant to be played from home, relaxing on a couch amongst friends. And they are, and that's fun. But competitive gaming, when you wanna attach your name to a world record, when you want your name written in history, you have to play the price."
Videos games are no longer played solely for fun, but also turning into a new way to make money. There is a new, up and coming world that many people are not aware of, and that is the world of competitive gaming.
Just like the National Football League (NFL) or National Basketball Association (NBA), there is a league for video games as well, called Major League of Gaming (MLG). Competitors play in tournaments all around the world to receive either prize money or the chance to be sponsored by several companies. One very famous player in the First Player Shooter games (FPS) Optic Nadeshot, who is sponsored by Redbull, was interviewed regarding his sponsor. He said that he plays video games for about eight to ten hours every single day. He also makes videos on YouTube and has live streams that people watch of him gaming. In some of his videos, there are even ads, which is another source of revenue for him. He has made around $134,825.00 in tournaments and $16,000 a month in the ad revenues. At the age of 20 Matthew Haag (Nadeshot) is making a living off of video gaming and is being paid to do one of the activities he enjoys (Hagg1).
Last year, there was one specific tournament that changed the world of competitive gaming forever. This tournament was the Call of Duty: Million Dollar Tournament in Hollywood, California. There were thirty-two total teams from around the world who were chosen to compete in this tournament. The teams were paid in full to fly out and play for the chance to win the grand prize of $400,000. People who follow MLG tuned in to watch this tournament live online. In a study researchers found, "More people play Call of Duty multiplayer every day than watch the average regular season game of the NBA" (Hirshberg 1). The world of competitive gaming is growing rapidly and gaining new followers each day.
Another part of competitive gaming that is helping the new era grow is live streams. A live stream includes It is said, “TwitchTv currently generates 3.2 million unique visits per month, 4.5 hours of video viewed per person per month, and more than 45 million total video...

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