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Crime has been around forever. The world is filled with violence as well as other crimes that are harmful towards our societies. Crime seems to grow more and more everyday. It seems like the criminals feel that they need to commit crimes in order to function or get attention. During the year of 1984, crime was at a high rate for the eastern coast. America was thrilled as the countries crime rate rapidly increased.Leslie Maitland Werner wrote an article called "300 Fugitives Are Caught in 8 States." "Three thousand fugitives were caught in the United States in the year of 1984." Fugitives were caught in eight east coast states. "It was considered to be the largest manhunt in the nation's history." It was the first multistate capture in the nation's history also. The manhunt was long and hard for officials, but the nation's safety depended on their actions. The long search took 10 weeks, which was kept secret. This was kept a secret, because officials thought that it would affect innocent people and would cause fear. The fugitives were convicted of major crimes and they were considered to be unpredictable men."Officials stated that most of the arrests made were fugitives wanted on wide varieties of state and local charges." Some of the charges were murder, rape, robbery, and drug trafficking. Most of these charges were highly rated, so it was a must that these criminals be captured. Officials concentrated on routine investigative techniques, such as tracking fugitives from their known address. Most fugitives are very smart when trying to out think the law. Some fugitives have run so much, that they become use to the police and their ways of investigating. Police talked to people or friends that they were involved with. "Neighbors and informers were also questioned for the investigations." Some officials worked undercover for the fugitives who were very violent and wanted. Most fugitives that are popular and well known are investigated with the undercover operation. "The search was handled by the Justice Department's First Program, for Fugitive Investigative Strike Teams." The Strike team was something...

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