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Imagine the world’s countries as fun, hilarious personas in a parallel world. Sounds unrealistic? Japanese writer/artist, Hidekaz Himaruya has won the hearts of many anime (Japanese animations) lovers with his acclaimed anime series, Hetalia. It has 5 seasons with over 100 episodes in both English and Japanese. Hetalia portrays the world’s countries as people in an alternate world. Countries such as Italy, Japan, England and even Canada are featured in the anime and have their own distinct personalities. Italy is the protagonist and title character of Hetalia (which translates to Unhelpful Italy). He is portrayed as a clumsy, adorable fun boy who has a passion for cooking. Likewise, Italy has two best friends known as Japan and Germany. Japan is an introverted, conservative and quiet boy while Germany is a serious hard worker. Together, they are known as the real life alliance of the Axis Powers. What makes Hetalia different from other anime shows are its talented voice actors, huge fan base and its educational aspects.

Unlike many other anime shows, the voice actors of Hetalia bring a fresh, new perspective to the world of voice acting with their outgoing personalities and creativity. What makes them such talented voice actors are their former experiences with voice acting. In fact, many of them previously voiced main characters in other popular animes! It despises me whenever when I watch an anime and the voice actors are inexperienced with a voice as bland as a telephone operator. As for Hetalia voice actors, their voices give the anime a lively, fun feeling instead of a bland feeling. Similarly, the voice actors also give the character a personality through their voices. Each character has a distinguished voice to match their personality. As an example, Todd Haberkorn, Italy’s voice actor gives him a more enthusiastic, optimistic voice to match his adorable personality. It feels as if the voice actor brought the character to life. Lastly, the voice actors of Hetalia connect to their fans a lot more through live meets and Question & Answer. Compared to other voice actors in anime shows, the Hetalia voice actors are a lot more down to earth and easygoing once you meet them. Not to mention, they are very hilarious in person! Normally it would be difficult to meet with the stars of your favourite show considering their tight schedule and millions of other fans. Therefore, without the creativity of the many voice actors, Hetalia wouldn’t be the entertaining, enjoyable anime it is.

Despite Hetalia being a short anime of only 5 minutes, it really is a popular anime with millions of fans worldwide. Type “Hetalia” into your Google search bar, and you’ll be greeted with thousands of fan art, fan fiction and Facebook page results. On, a popular fan art website, there are approximately 1 105 627 Hetalia related fan art and fan fiction results. Also, there are many Facebook pages posting fan art and funny Hetalia...

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