The World Of Media Essay

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The World of Media


The World of media is a global, multi-billion pound industry. It
provides a service to audiences around the World, supplying them with
information, news, entertainment and enjoyment.

The industry comprises of many different areas, mainly: newspapers,
magazines, cinema, television and radio. All these areas communicate
with audiences in different ways. Advertisement is an important part
of the World of media and communicates with audiences by making things
appear attractive and desirable.

For this piece of coursework I will be comparing two advertisements in
order to make sense of their meaning and to understand how they work.
I will do this by asking a series of questions and in doing so
analysing certain aspects of each advertisement such as the layout and
the language used. The two advertisements I will be comparing are an
advertisement for the holiday company Sandals, and a charity
advertisement by the Christian Children's Fund.

To begin with, my initial thoughts when looking at, not reading the
two advertisements is that they have very contrasting images. The
images used in the Sandals advertisement gives the impression of
wealth, warmth, luxury, happiness and romance while the image in the
Christian Children's Fund advertisement paints a cold, contrasting
view of poverty and possibly unhappiness, gaining sympathy from the
reader. These images jump at you straight away before reading any of
the text, it is the photographs and pictures which stress what the
article is about and how you should respond, particularly in the
Christian Children's Fund article. Photographs are a powerful key used
in advertisements.

In the Sandals advertisement the people pictured are all couples, men
and women, aged from early twenties to middle aged couples. In the
advertisement they are all depicted as couples in that they are
together in what they are doing whether this is gazing at the sunset
from the balcony, enjoying a meal and looking into each others eyes
and smiling or walking along the beach holding hands. In all the
pictures the couples appear to be happy and enjoying themselves in
that they are smiling and gazing at each other, a perfect holiday.
Additionally, the couples appear to be very healthy (there is no one
overweight or with a disability) white, middle class couples with
money as they have different clothing for different occasions. This
makes the holiday appear luxurious.

However, in the Christian Children's Fund advertisement there is only
one person pictured whose face takes up the majority of the page in
order to attract the readers attention, particularly when flicking
through a magazine in which this may be advertised. This young, black
child has wide eyes that look straight at the reader. The child has a

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