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The World Of Mass Media Essay

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The world of Mass Media is a complicated place as told by former TV and Radio reporter, Al Meyers. “You never know what you’re going to be doing, but then there’s the ability to be able to do it and to share that with the people who are listening.” Meyers, who is retired, gave me the pleasure of sitting down and talking to me about the world of Mass Media Communication, then and now.
Most of what we hear about in the world today comes to us as it is broadcasted through the television news networking stations and the Radio broadcasts throughout the day. It is constantly being updated by the minute as news breaks everywhere, whether it is locally or internationally. However what about the people who present us the news, the people who work around the clock to bring us the necessary details surrounding a matter? Ultimately, what forces shape how media content is made? “It all starts on a typical day, you wake up, go out and find your story; news doesn’t have a set schedule, says Meyers. “Most of our main content comes from press releases that we receive from PR agents, and the rest of it comes from whatever is happening out in society.” A typical day in the day of a news reporter like Al consists of getting up extremely early in the morning, because news doesn’t wait for you, and either going out to cover a story, otherwise listening to their own radio at home, and then while travelling to work talking to other reporters at their station listening getting updated on what they missed, as well as working on what is first priority and getting the coverage needed to break the story. “It’s all about getting their first; you want to be the station that breaks a story first that way early morning listeners are always receiving the latest as it happens.” Media workers play an important role when it comes to delivering news. They are responsible for having the most accurate information in a story and reliable sources as evidence to back it up. Media workers need to have social skills, and the ability to talk to people. It is one of the many ways in which a reporter finds out what is going on. They need to be able to present the news in a clear concise way that is easy for listeners to interpret and understand. “You need to have an eye and an ear for ‘the story’ and a desire to capture the latest news,” says Al, “The process behind establishing what is published and what isn’t wholly depends on what is relevant for people in the community to know.”
The training involved in becoming a reporter deals especially with developing a person’s social skill, and their ability to use their curiosity to get information out of people, even when they are reluctant to give it. Interaction with people is important because as a Media worker you have to be able to work together with a group of people in order to make all aspects of a story fit together. “Television news requires a thirst for getting the scoop, and it also requires energy and ambition. News reporters have...

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