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The World Of Music Essay

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Ever since humans first learned how to make music with their voices and with instruments thousands of years ago, music has been changing. Some changes took place over hundreds or even thousands of years, stunted by human isolation or by guidelines set in place by religious institutions. The 20th century, in contrast, experienced several rapid, radical changes in the popular genres of music. This made the 20th century a very rich time period for musical culture. These remarkable genres--including, but not limited to jazz, rock and roll, and the music of the “British invasion”--all influenced one another, and all influenced the culture we still live in today.
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Jazz influenced the next sub-genres of music, including swing and bebop. Jazz also had influence on the next huge upheaval in American music: rock and roll.
When most people think of “rock and roll,” they might imagine a leather-clad Elvis Presley thrusting his hips and drawling along with his electric guitar. Rock and roll’s origins actually lie within the African-American community. The first rock and roll record is hard to name, but many people believe it is Ike Turner’s Rocket 88. The first rock and roll record to achieve real commercial success, however, was Bill Haley’s Rock Around the Clock, probably because of widespread racism that still affected white Americans’ willingness to listen to black Americans’ music. Rock and roll is characterized by the sounds of the electric guitar and blues rhythms with heavy backbeats. Rock and roll encouraged the continuance of the attitude of youthful rebellion, which is part of why it became so popular. Conservative parents weren't exactly fans of the genre--which only made the kids love it more. Rock and roll's pure popularity united a generation of youth, and because of this, became one of the most significant of the musical revolutions of the 20th century.
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