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The World Of Music Begins Essay

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The World of Music Begins
Imagine spending the majority of a lifetime dedicated to music and then going deaf. This would create quite the obstacle, but Ludwig van Beethoven made it through it. His talent and love for music helped him overcome the problems. Not only the bad things, but one could also say he overcame the world of music. There were many things Beethoven did in his career that influenced the music of today. Overall, Ludwig van Beethoven overcame the music world by becoming a musical prodigy, influencing much of the classical music of his time, and continuing to compose his great works despite the many obstacles.
Beethoven began his career in music at a very young age. He had already begun to learn the violin and clavier at the age of four with the help of his father (Suchet 12). A lot of the reason behind his early music lessons was due to his father, Johann Beethoven, wanting young Ludwig to live up to the talent of Mozart (Encyclopedia of World Biography). To do this, Johann arranged a concert to show off his son’s talent. At the time, Ludwig was slightly over seven years old. However, his father put an advertisement in the newspaper saying he was only six. Nobody knows the actual reason for doing so, but it’s assumed that it was to make Ludwig seem younger to make it look as though his abilities were even more impressive. Although, some other people conclude that Johann really didn’t know Ludwig’s age, considering how easily lost family records were (Suchet 13). The young Mozart held a concert around this time as well, and, unfortunately, Beethoven’s performance still was not nearly as wonderful
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as Mozart’s (Reader’s Digest 441). This did not mean he was not a prodigy himself, though. He was also already well-taught in piano as well by the age of twelve (Encyclopedia of World Biography). Also at this age, he had already published his second music work. There was much debate about this, however, because on the title page it said, “Composed by Ludwig van Beethoven, aged eleven years.” Hardly anyone was ever completely sure about his actual age, but they were sure that he had a bright future in music. In fact, his parents only wanted him focused on his music, so they took him out of school. He started music lessons from actual instructors about a year afterwards (Suchet 14-15). Beethoven was very far along in his musical ability for his age and would definitely have been considered a prodigy, and a well-known one at that.
Beethoven generally had a large influence on much of the classical music written in his time. All of his work was full of variety and diversity, each full of many differences but still some similarities. Only someone with as much talent and experience as he could accomplish so much. What made his works different from those of other composers was that his were usually so loud and long. Many of his pieces grew famous, but the most famous, by far, was his Moonlight Sonata. Overall, he...

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