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The World Revolves Around Food Essay

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Food is very important. No matter who or what you are, we all need to eat food. It is not just a thing to fill people up to survive throughout the day; it has more than one important uses. Animals, pricing, and waste are some of the factors that come from food.
Animals are big part of the food industry. Just like plants, there are different types like cows, chicken, and lamb. Although there is variety and growing populations, humans are increasing in population too. These creatures or, our “main meat” are constantly being slaughtered. They are becoming more of a produce than an innocent living animal. If this keeps up we will not realize the decrease in meat in our market fast enough in ...view middle of the document...

Other big factors are organic and GMO’s or Genetically Modified Organisms. Organic plants made from good harmless fertilizer like how farmers use chemicals to kill bugs while organic animals suffer dirty and crowded caged home, suffer by having sensitive parts damaged to prevent them from doing things in their nature and can not use pain killer because that will make them inorganic, but they have antibiotics. GMO’s are plants or animals that have changes in their DNA that are removed or input from scientists to make the product have more benefits like more nutrients, less growing time and more abundant, and different types of breeds to be made.
Finally, we still tend to make waste. If we cook and eat just enough to sustain ourselves we don’t need to waste money and food, but it is a problem everyone cannot do forever so, restaurants should always charge the customers if they make a waste from about cup (cooking measurement) and more. It will cost more is there is a bigger waste that way we can improve our eating habits and stuff ourselves less because our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. Another way to help this problem is...

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