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The World's Most Popular Team Sport Is Football

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Football is the world’s most popular team sport. In England, football is the most participated team sport with over 1.8 million people playing weekly (Sport England, 2013) and with an estimated 25 million people in England watching football on a regular basis would suggest that it is very popular and therefore an important sport throughout the country. Football has always been a male dominated sport, with 12 men to every 1 woman taking part (Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation , 2012). However, women’s football is now the fourth largest team sport in England after men’s team sports of football, rugby and cricket (The Football Association, 2012 ), and the number one leading female team participation sport with 253,600 women football regularly playing each month (Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation , 2012) these participation numbers resulting in the FA supporting 6,600 girls’ and women’s 11-a-side teams across the country. Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation (2012) found that one in ten football players receive coaching from a female coach. There are over 27, 000 females successfully attained a FA coaching qualification in 2012 (The Football Association, 2012) and double the number of female coaches from 25, 000 in 2009 to around 50, 000 in 2012 (The Football Association, 201 2). With this recent popularity in football and increase in female participation and coaches, research has begun to focus on females in sport more frequently.

Football teams are assembled together with a large number of roles; players, coaches, managers, specific positional coaches, treasurers, even physiotherapists depending on what level of football the team is playing at. The most common roles in grassroots football teams are known to hold just players and coaches. A coach is involved in the direction, instruction and training of a sports team. They help people to reach their full potential in their chosen sport. Without coaches within a team, it is possible there would be no structure or progression. Coaches also play a major role in their athlete’s lives; they act as role models, confidants and motivators (Smoll & Smith, 2002) . Coaching plays an important role in the maintenance of football. Coaches are one of the most roles in sport and a key aspect of coaching is the relationship in which a coach has with their athletes. Coaches and their athletes form a relationship over time and it is important that coaches build positive relationships with their athletes as this is what brings the team together. Positive relationships create a positive environment for both the players and coaches (Beswick, 2000 ). Creating positive relationships and environments within football creates good attitudes, respect, great performances and with time and progress winning teams. Positive relationships are developed by effective coaching. Previous studies have also reported that effective coaching is central to a practical coach-athlete relationship (Coaching Association of Canada,...

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