' The World Turned Upside Down' Why Is This Phrase Used Of The Period 1647 50 In England

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During 1647-1650 the countrymen of England had been completely astonished. The people had seen their King challenged and beaten in war and court resulting in his execution. Groups were also developing (political factions) wanting to see their political goals achieved.Charles had lost the first civil war but was encouraged spiritually to never give up. This loss he believed was in fact a punishment byGod for allowing the death of Strafford so any further concessions would lead inevitably to further punishments. Charles rather like Cromwell in some respects also believed that God was on his side by this time whereas with Cromwell he had based this notion and belief on the fact that he had won the first war. when Cromwell agreed to try and settle the dispute with Charles, Charles refused and form of peace and had allied with the Royalists and Scots. The King had lost once again though and this had further enraged Cromwell due to the fact Charles was willing to allow Scottish Presbyterianism to be imposed in England if he won.Cromwell and his other generals were now deciding what to do with this supposed tyrant. Along with this the public were also questioning who is really in charge here? A further negotiation plan was attempted however the issue of trust was once again broken as Charles was only agreeing to the concessions in the talks so he could get free. Some of the concessions would have been Parliament having control over the Militia for the next 10 years and Pariament could have power to appoint great officers. Things had turned from bad to worst on 6th December 1648 as Colonel Pride has arrested 45 MPS at Westminster and turned others back leaving the remainding members then on to be called the Rump.By 28th December the Rump passed an ordinance for the trial of the king, they believed his presence was unhealthy for the progression and personal wellbeing of England. To bring the King to court Parliament did have to challengemoral and legal technicalities. They were aware that the King owned and consented to courts therefore the judges would be likely to not find him guilty by way of a bias decision. Who could blame them then this was done in Star Chamber previously to Laud's opponents. The Rump therefore setup the High Court of Justice, however they could not promise a fair trial. When Charle's did attend court he continually argued that his trial and court defys the whole principle of the rule of Law. When it came to signing the petition of Charles death many M.P.'S started to feel scared because of the possible knock on effects later. This hesitation however was overcome and Charles was sentenced to death,clealr illsutrating a world turning upside down.During this period of time there were many religious and political parties developing. The Ranters were one of whom who were known as extremists being incredibly anti religious. They infact did not believe in life after deat or heaven or hell. Instead there policies were enjoying life and...

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