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The World War Ii Essay

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Two separate wars made up the Second World War: a European war and a Far Eastern war. After 1941 the United States and the United Kingdom took part in both, while their enemies waged separate wars and until the last days of the war, the Soviet Union fought only in Europe. These two wars were caused by the conflicts between the actions of the rulers of Germany and Japan on one side, and on the other, what the governments of Britain, France, and the United States felt acceptable. In 1939 the government of Poland chose to fight, mostly because she was encouraged by Britain and France, rather then risk the loss of Polish independence. Mussolini voluntarily brought Italy into the war in 1940, ...view middle of the document...

However to do this he had to try and bring Germany out of the economic hole that they were pushed in by the allies after the First World War. His final plan was to deal with the “Jewish problem”, as well as make Germany self-sufficient by providing housing for the people of Germany to live and survive in.

Hitler and the Nazi’s came to power because of the support registered by German voters in 1932 and because powerful non-Nazi politicians preferred to work with and exploit the Nazi’s rather than to ally with the socialists in combatting them. Resentment and fears generated by the economic crisis and alleged political injustices explain mass support for this nationalist and authoritarian party. It was critical for the success of the Nazi’s, and for Hitler’s eventual winning of German acceptance in an aggressive foreign policy, that Germans thought their economic and political problems were the because of the overwhelming consequences by the Treaty of Versailles and the predatory foreigners who wrote it. Few Germans felt any particular guilt for the First World War, and they did not feel that the painful consequences embodied in the Treaty of Versailles represented a justified retribution. The Germans obligation to repay the damage done to the allies during the First World War, inspired anger because they were thought to be unjust. Germans blamed both the great inflation of 1923, which eventually made German currency almost worthless and brought economic life to a stand still, and the slump after 1929, which culminated in the unemployment of half the industrial labour force in 1932, on the vengeful policies of foreigners, especially the French. The inflation was, in fact, largely due to German resistance to the reparations, and the slump withdrawal of capital by American investors, whose motives contained no hostility to Germany. However, foreign attitudes, especially as shown in the Franco-Belgian occupation of the Ruhr in 1923, and the in French reluctance to co-operate in easing pressure on German banks in 1931, lent apparent justification to the belief that Germany’s economic disasters were due to foreign malice. The rules laid down in the Treaty of Versailles gave more reasons for xenophobic nationalism. Some Germans disliked the continued separation of German speaking Austrians from Germany and the rule of Czechs over Germans following the breakup of the Habsburg monarchy and the creation of Czechoslovakia. Many more Germans thought it wrong that Poles should govern Germans in Poland. Other aspects of the treaty, like the loss of German Colonies in Africa, irritated special interest groups, while an extremely influential section of German society resented the treaty limitations on the size and equipment of the German army. Support for the Nazis resulted from their expressions of hatred towards foreigners but also from the panic aroused by the economic depression from 1929-1932. The Nazis accused both socialists and...

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