The World Wars Essay

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The World Wars
The post war changes and differences between World War I and World War II are the Jazz era, the Lost Generation, technological advances, and the differences of wars. These changes and differences changed the world today especially in America and Europe.
During the post war era, women began to gain rights, such as voting and the expansion of suffrage. In the middle of World War I, women’s jobs begin to vastly increase in the means of production. Women have created assembly lines for faster production in supplies, guns, and ammunitions for the war (Effects of World War I). After the war, there were young women known as flappers that would express their freedom during the Jazz ...view middle of the document...

The replacements of liberal and socialist governments have taken over European monarchies after they have fallen (Badertscher).
During the world wars, technological advances began to play a big role. In World War I, troops began to build zigzag like trenches to allow the soldiers to avoid from being wiped out at once by the enemies rapid fire machine guns. Artilleries were able to wipe out massive groups of enemies from more than 10 miles away. Gasoline powered engines allowed the use of tanks, airplanes, and submarines. Airplanes were used to spy on enemy movements and submarines were used to sink merchant ships that would carry supplies (Bujnarowski). Chemical warfare began during World War I. “Poison gas blinded or choked its victims or caused agonizing burns and blister” (Ellis, Esler 462). Dogs were also used to help fight and carry vital information across. The help from ammunition from factories worked by women help play a role in the war (Ellis, Esler 462).
An extremist named Adolf Hitler was an army veteran that tried to follow Mussolini’s rule. Hitler later became the dictator for Germany. Adolf Hitler believed in extreme nationalism and viewed the Jews as a separate race than religion. Hitler controlled Germany with the use of a totalitarian rule. The “Night of Broken Glass” was used to give Hitler an excuse to kill off every Jew in Germany. Concentration camps were used to prison and torture Jews (Ellis, Esler 550, 552).
World War I began from 1914 to 1918 and was caused by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. Austria later sent an ultimatum to Serbia and declined the ultimatum setting off World War I. World War II begin from 1939 to 1945 and was caused by the outcome of the treaty of Versailles and the political...

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