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The World Without Limits. Why Do We Dream? InglÉs Essay

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The world without limits
All human has basic survival needs and one of the most important is sleep. It is important to know that sleep is a condition of body and mind, in which nervous system is inactive, eyes closed, postural muscles relaxed and consciousness practically suspended. When we are sleeping, pulse and breathing become irregular, ear is alert and eyes move under eyelids from side to side as if we were watching a movie, we are beginning to dream. Dreaming is also important because sometimes we carry out an investigation into our desires and needs, aspirations and fears. Ignoring the reasons or explanations of this involuntary act, we ask several questions. Why do we dream? Do dreams have a logical explanation? Can we control our dreams?
Basically, we dream because our brains do not stop. Even when we are not fully conscious, our brain continues to work and produce thoughts in the form of images and sounds that can even manifest as physical sensations. According to the synthetic-activation model developed at Harvard Medical School, brain tries to do the best job possible with a few deficit ingredients. In other words, the frontal cortex of brain relates impulses devoid of sense, feelings, sensations and experiences previously stored, and composes a story more or less concordant that people perceive as a dream.
Some people believe that dreams have meaning, consequences, even functions that predict the future, but these theories are really ridiculous for skeptical people. Dreams are like one more “spark" in brain connections by accidental stimulation of limbic system, an area involved in emotions, feelings and memories. That means dreams are randomly produced signals, but they also may not be because some dreams come out of a temporary storage of consciousness and others without explanation due to only one...


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1069 words - 5 pages . Danbury, CT: Grolier, 1991. 266-68. Print. Kosarin, Jenni. The Everything Dreams Book. 2nd ed. Avon, MA: Adams Media, 1998. Print. Turner, Rebecca. "Why Do We Dream? Modern Theories of Dreaming." World-of-lucid- N.p., 2008. Web. 20 Apr. 2014.

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