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The World Working Together Is It Impossible?

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The World Working Together – is it Impossible?
The world is today at a very peculiar balance, a balance at which it has never been before. Statistics reveal that the richest fifth of the population use up over 80% of the world’s resources. This makes an important question and a very central topic for debates worldwide. In contemporary times, as the richest countries have so much wealth, it is general consensus that some should be given to poorer countries, as a form of assistance, to help them build a well-functioning society and to improve the quality of life in poorer areas. Still, it is so that while most wealthy countries agreed on donating 1% of their GDP to charity for poorer nations, very few countries come close to this 1% agreement. A few of the closest are Norway and Sweden. Still, there has to be reasons for this. Why is it so that the wealthier nations are somewhat reluctant to helping the less fortunate out?

First and foremost, there are multiple reasons as to why this is not the case. A very important reason is that many countries and their citizens do not believe in poorer countries being able to invest the money well. One can say they believe they might be hoodwinked into donating money into a very dicey investment. This is also a leading cause of poverty worldwide; namely lack of proper investment. As such, one can easily understand why some nations are reluctant to giving money. Closely intertwined with this argument is the fact that some leaders are simply corrupt. They take the money themselves, and they subsequently use it for matters that are inauspicious to the people at large. This is obviously followed by a strong doubt, as wealthy countries do not want to feed corrupt leaders.

Secondly, it is a fact that some countries are fairly deep in debt and wealthier nations might want to have their debt repaid before they get any sort of assistance. While this is also understandable, 1% is genuinely not all that much money. Some would argue that the pure beneficence of looking away from debt in situations like these is very important to improving the worldwide situation. However, some countries are more accepting to debt than others. Some countries have taken important measures to decrease this issue, such as deleting all debt a country had previously. This might not be particularly well received among citizens, and sometimes citizens are upset by this action, believing that it is a waste of tax money. This will sometimes lead to negative repercussions from the people, in the form of protests or even revolutions.

In addition to this, wealthier countries can be reluctant to donating money to countries in war, or that have actively participated in wars. This is a very understandable argument, as relinquishing countries where the money might go to malevolent purposes such as killing or wars in general, is very often seen as a good thing. As such, this will often alter the amount of support a country will get from its fellow...

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