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The Worlds Dependency On The Internet

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Over the years technology has changed mankind’s overall culture. From clocks to computers the use of electronics and tools are developing every day in almost all situations. People are continuously using technology. Some take full advantage of this and turn to this for everything. However if there are others that believe it’s more about a hindrance than a help, because of the way it distracts people. Are people depending too much on the internet? The book Shallows; What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains, by Nicholas Carr, discusses different forms of technology and how they are developing and starting to affect humans in different ways. The use of the internet has gained more popularity ...view middle of the document...

8). This quote is a good source from Carr explaining that people tend to be more dependent towards the internet and seem to become more distant from reading books. The idea of reading books seems to be going out of date; why read a book when you can go straight to the internet and look up the information you need. Carr mentions in chapter 6 how the internet has caused the world to cut back on reading books. "Book publishers have suffered some losses of business as reading has shifted from the printed page to the screen, but the form of the book itself hasn't changed much."(Carr 99).
Another key source, Carr discusses in an article “Is Google Making Us Stupid” he introduces the fact on how the internet is changing our lives. This article starts out by talking on how the internet is a resource and how we can go to it for pretty much everything. Carr informs us more of how the internet negatively is affecting our brains. Carr believes that the internet makes us think less deeply and we tend to rely on easy facts versus using critical thinking and research, due to the easiness of collecting information. He also states that his mind expects to take in the info the way the internet issues it out which is extremely fast. In result of this we are becoming dependent on the internet in things as far as work productivity, reading, and writing. This article claims that technology is a big distraction in our lives.
The media today believes to be a shortcut for everything. People are becoming to use to being able to use information on the internet faster and convenient According to this article written by Nicholas Carr.
Students in the classroom have a lack of focus because of cell phones, iPods, or the internet it’s so easy for...

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