The Worldview On The Growth Of Crime In Our Communities

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The Worldview on the growth of crime in our communities.

Crime is probably the most common problem that most of us are having and to a certain extent, we speak up about it but it is never really addressed. The works of crime are quite evident and yet we are still urged to report t as if something new or different is implemented. My argument lies fully not saying that it is not being addressed but rather saying that if our laws and orders were consistent, then crime would be less viable. This would be more clearer if we can go back to the core and actually find the definition of crime. Crime is an activity that involves breaking the law, which then means in one word it, is PROHIBITED. I am now moving closer to unfolding these mysteries.
I am a student to stays around the Vaal and I must say that the crime here is outrageous. Don’t get me wrong, crime everywhere is outrageous but this becomes even more scary and creepy when it happens for two to three consecutive weeks in one area. And the irony of it all is that when it happens, one can call the police and they take about an hour to get there and at that point the damage is already done, so can you honestly blame one for thinking that just maybe the police and the criminals might be working hand-in-hand? (Just curious)

There are many factors that might lead someone to indulge in criminal activities. And a lot of times we think that crime is done by mostly those who are poor or unemployed but even those who are wealthy do commit crime too. Criminal activities may be caused by financial problems at home, hanging around the wrong crowd and so on. I have seen this happen to many people I know and grew up with. Right now it has gotten worse because people don’t care anymore, even the community. They might their own business and don’t help anyone no more. And coming to think of it, these people committing these crimes are people that we actually know, just that we become ignorant and don’t help the police to put these people behind bars.
I believe that if they could bring back the old laws n get rid of these new laws, crime would become less. Coming to think of it, criminals don’t get to suffer anymore when they are in prison because they have full rights just like any other human beings they killed, raped or robbed. I am not saying that they shouldn’t have rights but they should just decrease it a little, make them suffer a little bit so that they never want to commit crime ever again and go back to prison. criminals now a day’s don’t mind going back to prison because they claim they live better when they are inside rather than outside because they get to eat every single day, they have televisions in their cells to watch, they get to go to school, play sports and so forth. If they get to live better then the people who are outside then why would they want to stop...

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