The Worse Act Shown Essay

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“At some point its gotta stop being random. You know?”
“No, I don’t.”
“Look man, I’ve been picked eight times in what? The past two years. You on the other hand; not even once!”
“Ah, that’s just luck of the draw my friend.”
“You know, it gets hard on you sometimes man. Last time I couldn’t sleep for a week almost. I mean, I know they deserve it, but still, it doesn’t make it any easier.”
“Yeah man, I’ll bet. Just… just try not to let it bother you too much, okay?”
They continued walking down the sidewalk on a cloudy Friday morning. The sun was just rising and rain was almost a guarantee. Gordon walked slowly sipping his coffee dreading tomorrow. He knew why he was selected so many times. He was good looking in the uniform they made him wear. The uniform he wears when he presses the buttons to fill the criminal of fluid that kills him in minutes. He looked sharp, looked professional, a business man or a movie star to the people watching on TV, he was their Denzel, or Travolta playing his part for the good of humanity. He was their God, forever standing in front of the gates protecting them as he destroyed the scum of the planet.
But he was done with it. Every night he went to bed wondering what time it would be when he woke in cold sweats from the nightmares. The overwhelming guilt and sense of wrong that sunk so deep inside it was hard to function. His work suffered, and his boss and coworkers knew, but pushing the button gave him a strange sort of fame. Almost like that of a soldier returning from war after killing countless people. He rarely ate, and sleep was impossible. He wasn’t even able to get an erection. He had women mailing him their panties with addresses and phone numbers, but he was powerless to do anything about it.
His days consisted of going to work then coming home, sitting down on the couch, smoking some pot, and staring at the TV until he was nodding off. Then he went to bed, made his guess, and tried to sleep. The only part of his day that he looked forward to, was that first few seconds when his alarm went off to wake him from his nightmares.
But today was going to change. Today was his “lucky number eight”. ...

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