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The Worst Leader Of Modern Times: Saddam Hussein

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The research is about one of the previous presidents of Iraq that ruled from 1987 to 2006, Saddam Hussein. He was born in 1937 near Takrit and hanged in 2006 . As a kid, he was beaten by his stepfather and despised by other children . He was an intelligent man; he studied law in Egypt . Saddam was very powerful but he did not use his influence in a positive way. It is important to know and understand what Saddam did wrong in the past in order to not repeat the same mistakes. Saddam is a relevant character because he has had conflicts that affected pretty much all the North American countries. Saddam Hussein was undoubtedly one of the most powerful men of the world, in a negative way of course. Saddam controlled his country on many facets such as: politics, military and culture.
First, Saddam Hussein was the president of Iraq, a position that gave him power to lead the country, to invest money and to create a network of contacts with other countries. In Iraq, Saddam was a dictator since the political system was absolute monarchy. Thus, if Saddam had an idea it was almost certain he could and would make it happen. Saddam “is a rational and political calculator who can reverse himself on a dime if his regime is threatened” . The presidential position gave him the power of decisions because he did not have to consult anyone. Also, Hussein could invest as much money as he wanted and where he wanted. The large freedom of decision in his presidency is what makes him such a negative leader. For instance, the holy grail of Saddam was to possess a nuclear bomb . Having this idea in mind, “[Saddam] was spending billions on a program to develop biological and nuclear arms and exotic long-range delivery systems” . To achieve his objective Saddam needed a wide network of people to do business with. Since Saddam studied law, he knew how to deflect it and he had a status that helped him to buy material on the black market . Saddam was a bad leader for his citizens because his main goal was to possess bombs and he was the only one in power so he could invest as much money as he wanted to achieve that goal. According to him, he was a great president because he was able to create a network of people around the world. To sum up, Saddam abused of his political function. He took advantages of being the principal leader to strive to his big ambitions.
Secondly, Saddam Hussein was a powerful man because of his military power. He did many things such as: controlling the army, bringing his country to war and developing the project of using chemical weapons. The dictator played an important role in the army. “Saddam directed the planning and execution of all Iraqi air operations in detail” . The presence of Saddam Hussein in the army shows how he had all the freedom he wanted in his country. In 1991, he did bring his country into the Gulf war . The principal purpose was to “seize the western Iranian region of Khuzestan [for] its expensive oil fields” . The consequences...

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