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"The Worst Of Times." Is This An Accurate Description Of A Child's Life Today?

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4. "The worst of times." Is this an accurate description of a child's life today?The beginning of one's life, when one begins to understand and appreciate the world around them, starts as a child. In the past, we always associate a child's life to be the most carefree, happy and worry-free period of someone's life. However, as society progresses and technology advances, the children suddenly find themselves needing to learn more, do more and play less. However, as a child's life becomes worse and worse, I believe that it is not the worst. This will be examined through the child themselves, their families and the society at large.Due to rapid technological advances, information is but a hand's distance away. As such, children nowadays can get hold of information much more easily than children of the past. Therefore, a child today is easily exposed to adult thinkings and tend to mature faster. In other words, a child now is no longer as carefree and happy as a child in the past as they now have the worries of adults. However, many of them do not know how to soothen this frustration and they resort to means that may hurt themselves in the end. This can be seen by then increase in juvenile crimes in the present society. This is not only due to the things that youngsters and children read, but also cartoons and movies that they watch and games that they play. Therefore, it is extremely important that children are not exposed to the wrong ideas and way of thinking. For example, in a recent bookfair, a porn comic is actually placed in the children's section and it had invoked much protests from the public due to their negligence. So as to see, a child's life is no longer as innocent and worry-free as before.In this affluent society, it is hard to make a living for many people, much less than to enjoy a luxurious life. Therefore, many parents work long hours in order to provide for he family. There is also an increasing number of no-child or one-child families, especially in China due to the one-child policy. Many would think that this only child would be pampered by his or her parents and live a very happy life, but this is not always true. With no sisters or brothers, he or she will be very lonely, especially if both parents are working. As an only child, the parents will also pin all of their hopes on the child to become a successful adult in the future....

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