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The Worst Week Of My Life Original Writing

6882 words - 28 pages

The Worst Week Of My Life - Original Writing

Help! I whimpered as the wailing siren pierced my ears. "Come on!
Hurry up!" My Sister, Anna whispered to me desperately, while
scampering into our small, cramped AndersonShelter. What was I going
to do… or even worse, what was Granny Elma going to do? She was deaf!

I reluctantly tiptoed through our long, wet garden with bare feet and
finally managed to feel my way through and step in just in time. My
teddy Rupert! Mum, did you bring Rupert with you? I enquired
frantically. Mum, MUM, WHERE ARE YOU? My body felt like it had been
wrapped in a cold blanket of ice. My heart missed a beat and began
drilling through my ribs. A tight knot had formed in my throat. "She's
just blowing out the candles, remember?" Anna reminded me. PHEWW! I
wiped the access sweat of my brow in relief. One small candle was
still shining brightly in our living room. AHH! I screamed. The smell
of smoke crept into my nostrils. What the… "We've been bombed," sobbed
Anna in agony. "She's dead." Dead? I gasped. But she can't be, Mum was
only thirty - granny said you couldn't die at that age. I guess she

The train gave a sudden jolt. Where am I? I asked myself feeling
rather confused. "Yer told me yer were on yer way to yer billet." The
girl sitting directly opposite me replied. "I'm off to see my Granny."
She announced, trying to make an interesting conversation. I wish I
could see mine but she's probably dead by now. I revealed in sheer
pain. "Nowt to worry about," she reassured. "And how would you know?"
I retorted. Her eyes started to water. Wwhatt hhave I ddonne? I
stammered in anxiety. A tear the size of a puddle ran down her soft,
red cheeks. "My Dad died about two months ago." She wept in anguish. I
began to sympathize with her. Memories started flooding back. Why was
Mum not here? She would have never made me go away like this!

The train whistled just in time and the doors of our carriage slid
open. A chilling surge of wind rushed in. I rapidly leaped out and
landed on the solid concrete with a thump. My knee was grazed
slightly, but the pain wasn't in there, it was in my heart and it sank
right to the bottom of my chest. Mum was DEAD! And there was
absolutely nothing I could do about it. Luckily I still had Anna but
her billet is over a hundred miles away. I'll probably never get to
see her again but I still remember our last goodbye. It was in our
bedroom when we used to live in the city. She gave me a huge hug and
wrapped me up just like Mum would. She misses her as just as equally
as I do, accept she doesn't show it.

Ahhh! A huge, plump lady moved towards me and grabbed hold of my arm.
"I'm the local billeting officer," she screeched at me. My mind
suddenly realized that she was the lady taking me to my new home. My
imagination began to...

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