The Wounds Of God, By Penelope Wilcock

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The Wounds of God, written by Penelope Wilcock, snags your heart in the beginning and carries you through with incredible ease. Wilcock’s unique writing style is refreshing. She alternates between modern day life and monastic life. For some, this might be hard to follow; however, I felt that it intrigues you to remain interested throughout the book. I was never allowed to become bored with one plot line. It kept me guessing and reading.
The story line of this book is unusual, causing the main themes to be more difficult to find. Wilcock transitions between Melissa, a current day girl who is asking her mother to tell her stories, and the monks, who are the main characters in the mother’s stories. Nonetheless the main themes throughout each of the stories are loyalty, development of character, personal journeys, and discovery. These are similarities throughout each story that stuck out to me. Each character has to make a choice, to either be loyal to themselves or to God and the abbey. Throughout The Wounds of God each character gets their story written about only them, and how they grow and learn from their mistakes. This causes their development of character to be plainly seen. This also reveals the monks’ personal journeys. It opens up the reader to each character individually, allowing the reader to feel what each character is feeling. Finally, the last main theme that I see run through each story is discovery of themselves, of each other, and of God’s power.
By having the book separated into different stories every chapter, I think Wilcock was trying to get across certain themes and individuality of each of the characters. Wilcock, I think, was also trying to get across the difficulty of the monastic life and how it relates to the struggle of Christianity. She cleverly wrote The Wounds of God in a way that would not estrange non-Christians from reading, and would also convict Christians. Wilcock is incredibly...

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