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The Wrilgey Field Confines Essay

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Wrigley Field is a baseball stadium in Chicago, Illinois and has served the Chicago Cubs since 1916. In 1914, it was built for the Chicago Whales. Opening on April 23, the first Cubs game was played on April 20, 1916. The first night game was scheduled for August, 1988 but did not get played until the next day due to rain. Babe Ruth’s famous “called shot” happened there along with Gabby Hartnett’s “Homer in the Gloamin.” It takes many workers to run the park and to keep it going. Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, took much construction to build the lights and to design the stadium but held numerous important events. Along with players who made the site famous also caused for many job opportunities. The future of Wrigley Field may be going downhill, but the field now is famous because of the way it was built and the players who have played there.
Wrigley Field took only six to seven weeks to build. The cost of it was $250,000 which is about 5.3 million dollars if it was built today. It took four days for the workers to complete the brick foundation for the bleachers when it was laid. Three days before the park opened seats were installed by 490 workers. There were 4,000 yards of soil and 4 acres of blue grass to construct the field. Even though the construction only took between six and seven weeks to build Wrigley the lights were not installed until much later due to controversy.
The lights were a big deal because of where the stadium was located and the noise created by games at night. A public hearing in the Lakeview neighborhood was called for information for a proposal that would ban night games at Wrigley Field. More than 350 people showed up to the hearing to protest against lights being installed so night games could be held. The Cub’s general manager Dallas Green helped persuade the installation of the lights because he was going to take his team to another ballpark if the lights did not get installed. This is why Wrigley Field was one of the last baseball stadiums to have lights installed, “When Tiger Stadium in Detroit lit up, every major league ballpark in America had baseball at night, except the one on the North side of Chicago” (Jacob 58). This means that every park had lights put in them besides Wrigley Field. It was important for Wrigley Field to have lights because other stadiums were getting more fans because they were holding night games. The lights finally went up on August 8, 1988. After being rained out after 3 innings the official night game was played the next night against the New York Mets.
With the lights being installed, Wrigley Field became a place where special events and memorable moments occurred. Cub’s Jim ‘Hippo’ Vaughn and the Cincinnati Red’s Fred Tony both threw no hitters for 9 innings. This happens to be the only known pitching dual feat in the majors before Jim Thorpe hit in the only run. On September 28, 1938 Cubs Catcher Gabby Hartnett hit his famous “Homer in the Gloamin”...

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