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The Writings On The Wall Opinion Essay: A Paper On Art Crimes And Its History Graffiti.

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I love the rush! The smell of the aerosol cans! The fame of getting up! The art! The time and skill it takes! And the best is drivin' by day after day knowing that everyone can see it." This was the response Rhome (prefers not to use his real name) gave me when describing his feelings about graffiti. However; his positive outlook is very different than that of societies' today, because of the negative connotations that society associates with the word itself. Nonetheless; graffiti simply means: words or drawings scratched or scribbled on a wall. The word comes from the Greek term "graphein" (to write). Art in the form of Graffiti that appears on public or private property without permission originated in the late 1960's, but graffiti in terms of public markings has been around forever. Some say it represents man's desire and need for communication, and the history of this type of communication dates back to the first scriptures written on cave walls; this can be considered the rawest form of urban art.To observe this type of art, one does not have to go far, for graffiti is all around us. Talking to Rhome gave me a perspective on how these graffiti artists consider their paintings to be more than just illegal behavior; they consider it art. This type of art like most carries meaning and expression of thoughts and ideas. It carries individuality and inspiration. It conveys some of the innermost feelings in the most abstract ways. It contains beauty and elegance. It is about stating ideas, whatever the cost of conveying them. Graffiti is art seen through the eyes of the people who can envision creativity at its purest of form. Just as musicians, who put their feelings into their music, artists put it into their drawings. Each drawing gives a sense of what the artists may have gone through.On the other hand, there are those common stereotypes that depict the graffiti artist as rebellious, disrespectful and a somehow associated with gangs. It is possible, however, that these stereotypes are based on 'the fear of the unknown'. Most people will not associate themselves with the common graffiti artist who dwells in the heart of South Central or East Los Angeles for fear that they are gang-related and think of them as a good for nothing waste of a person. Yet this holds true in some cases, Rhome informed me, "some kids are ignorant, and they're what you would call 'tag-bangers'." These 'tag-bangers' or 'taggers' are usually gang-related and their purpose is merely to 'hit-up' the names of their gang and claim territory for their neighborhood. This type of graffiti is called tagging,...

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