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The Wrong Diets Essay

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Fad diets are unhealthy. Some people believe that fad diets work. Fad diets are getting more and more popular in the dieting market. In today’s society people should be more educated on these diets before using them and these fad diets should be prescribed to a qualified patient by a health physician or doctor to people that are heavily obese that need to lose weight rapidly to help them with their health. Fad diet supplements are wrong because they provide no nutrients for the body and people need to know that they need healthy nutrients for a healthy weight loss. Because these diets are non-nutritional for one’s body, many people are harming their bodies just by taking these pills. Not ...view middle of the document...

Basically, if a diet plan or supplement sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Growing up everyone around says “go get an education!” Perhaps people who are planning on taking these diets should be more educated on how these diets work and know the risk factors of these diets. If more people were educated on these diets then maybe less people would chose to do these diets and they would not be harming their bodies. Health physicians and doctors are saying that if people that are currently using these diets and people that are planning on taking these diets for a quick weight loss had more background information on these diets then the chances are greater that less and less people would take these diets. Some dieters might even drop the diet knowing how these diets work. A medical physician by the name of Allen Knehans, is a chair member of the department of nutritional sciences at Oklahoma University and Health Sciences in Oklahoma City. He says that, “Getting education on these fad diets need to come about, these diets are getting out of hand and getting into the wrong hands. If these diets had more background information and more test being performed on these diets then people who are looking for a quick fix diet or people that need to lose some weight for their health could have more information on these diets and it could also let the dieters know how difficult these diets are” (Vann). This is saying that if fad diet education was available to the people looking for a diet plan or supplement these dieters would know more about these diets. Fad dieters do not know the many problems with these diets. What people don’t understand is that there are many destructing health factors to one’s body when it comes to using some of these diets. Many people believe that if they had to have knowledge behind these diets before using them that it is not going to stop them from using the diets. People that are looking to go on a diet plan or any supplement that they see on advertisement that promotes quick weight loss, they are still going to go ahead and use these diets because they are willing to try anything to get rid of the weight they want to lose. A writer for Everyday Health says, “So what if people should have background information on these diets before using them, these diets are everywhere and nothing is going to stop overweight to heavily obese people from getting their hands on these diets just to try and lose a some weight” (Vann). That is just someone’s opinion, who knows maybe more education on these dies could give dieters a second thought on how they work and maybe these diets are not for them if they want to lose the weight and keep the weight off in the future.
Getting on one of these diet plans or supplements can be very harmful on someone’s body. Health issues are a major problem with fad diets. Diet supplements are on the shelves of just about every pharmacy store and supermarket store in the world. Diet supplements provide...

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