The Year Of Magical Thinking By Joan Didion

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Reading this book has been interesting and heartbreaking experience. A Year of Magical Thinking, a journey through the grieving process. While dealing with the death of her husband, she is confronted with the sickness of her only child. This book touches me, and it makes me think of what would happen if my loved one died. This paper is a reflection of my thoughts and feelings about this woman’s journey that has been explored by book and video. I will also explore the author’s adjustment process, and how she views her changed self.
The title of the book, actually defines how she approached her grieving process. She believed her husband was coming back, and she questioned certain events ...view middle of the document...

I believe to book highlights on how individuals grieve differently. The author’s daughter had a different grieving experience than her mother, most likely. She was going through health crises during the time her father died and after his death. It would stand to reason her grief process was different from her mothers.
The emotions I felt for this woman was overwhelming at some parts of the book. The hardest parts to read, were involving the author’s daughter. I started the book, when we watched the video about her book about her daughter’s death in class. I felt for that woman, to have loss a husband and a child within a very close time span is saddening. I was surprised she did not go crazy after her daughter died. When she writes about her memories of her husband and daughter, there is an obvious joy that exudes the pages. Knowing how much she loved and cared for her daughter was sad. She cared for her aligning daughter when she was at her sickest, her top priority was her health and wellbeing. She even postponed his funeral until she was strong enough to say goodbye. It was heartbreaking.
The other times I felt bad for her was when she was alone. When I am alone, I tend to think of more depressing things, than when I am with someone. When she was with others, she could focus on them. When the author is alone, is when her thoughts turn to her husband, and the events that surrounded his death. She thought he would come back in the back of her mind. It was almost like a reflex. I am not going to move this item, because he would want it when he comes home. When I read that, it brought my attention to my own marriage, and how I react if my husband died before I did. I would probably be that way, to the point I would be in complete denial. Sharing her story, in my opinion is nothing less than brave.
While reading the book, I could help but notice how personal the book is. She is putting everything that she is going through on paper for the world to read. ...

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