The Year Of Storage For 2005.

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Tobias MccurryCS102The Year of Storage for 2005.
The article I picked was about different kinds of storage for the year 2005 along with the pros and cons of each of them. Backup and recovery, archiving, tiered storage, storage networking, interconnects, CDP, NAS, iSCSI SANs, virtualization, security and encryption, and virtual tape are the 11 different types of storage devices and techniques for backing up data. Data back up and recovery is very important to any business model. This article relation to the class is that it is based on hard drive and the technology that supports it.The backup and recovery section talked about the difference between tape and disk. Tape is made for archiving and disk has the ability to seek and read faster than tape. "Enterprise and mid-market are particularly affected because of their volume of data and pressures of compliance, governance, and litigation pressures" (Chudnow, 2006). Small business's can be cryptal if there back ups are lost.Network attached storage (NAS) has become more popular due the easy of use and accessibility. The problem with NAS is that there is no way to automate it without raising the cost to much. NAS should be expanding and incorporating more functions as time progresses. I have personally seen NAS and it is just a hard drive connected to your network with a web like interface.Archiving is a little different than backing up because there is data priority that is involved. "Archiving involves making conscious decisions about data priority at changing points in its lifecycle". "Intelligent archiving requires use of disk in archiving schemes" (Chudnow, 2006). This is usually a combination of tape for long term and emergency recovery to disk for search and recovery.Data that is going to be saved off site has to have some type of encryption and security to mitigate loss. Companies are responsible for their data and the lost of that data. With technology increasing password cracking is becoming less time consuming and easier. Security and encryption are a necessity with data that is going to be moved or stored in an offsite location. Right now AES-128 is the "Federal Information Processing Standards publication (FIPS)" (Chudnow, 2006) this encryption takes about a year to break."Virtualization technologies can help solve significant business problems like increasing performance, improving recovery time, decreasing cost of backup, simplifying storage pool operations and cutting the time needed to failover" (Chudnow, 2006). The problem is when files are opened or being accessed backing up that file will...

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