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Daru struggles to find his place in the world and ends up settling on a distant plateau in Algeria. He does this because he belongs in Algeria just as much as any other French citizen does. Daru feels as though the situation Balducci puts him in is unfair and he struggles to make a decision. He has no clue whether or not he should deliver the Arab to prison to stay true to his country or allow the Arab to go free to stay true to his own morals.
Daru’s struggle with himself shows how each character in the story struggles to find someone they can trust and a place where they belong. Daru does not support the way that the French have been treating the Algerian people but he also feels as though he has some kind of duty to the nation he despises. When Balducci approaches Daru with this task, he expects him to accept the proposition because he is a fellow French man. Daru has spent his life finding somewhere where he could isolate himself from what is going on in the world around him. Yet here is his nation literally knocking at his front door.
Balducci represents the French nation and their urge for control. Not only does he represent the nation but he also represents the governments standing in Algeria. The French citizens living Algeria feel as though they have more of a right to live in Algeria than the native Algerians do. The French walk around acting as though it is their country because they control the natives so aggressively that they have no choice but to eventually revolt. Daru sees how the French treats the Algerians and knows that one is no better than the other is.
Daru struggles with what he should do with the Arab because he cannot decide what the right decision to make is. In a way, Daru is empathetic to the Arab because he knows that this is his country. This is his home. Daru and the rest of the French citizens are guests in his country. The Arab is the host of the two French men; he is allowing them to stay in his country. The French seem to think they have all the power but in reality, the Algerians are in control of the situation, which eventually leads to their freedom in 1962.
Daru returns to a message saying, “You have turned in our brother, you will pay.” This is because they believe Daru had been loyal to his nation and not his morals. As it is said in the story, The Arab’s village wanted to deal with his crime as they thought fitting but the French could not allow that to happen. This would show that they were not fully in control of the Algerian country, that they really did not belong there. The Author included this event to show us that they Algerians have the right to choice what justice is in their country, not the French.

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