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The Yellow Baboon General Characteristics Of Mammals, Structure, Scientific Classsification, Adaptions, Communication And Courtship

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General Characteristics of Class MammaliaMammals are the most evolved and adapted of the five Chordate classes. They include around 5000 species placed in around 26 different orders. Mammals are divided into 3 different major groups according to their embryonic development. Monotremes, although there are only 3 known living species (e.g. the platypus), are ovoviparous, but still suckle their young from simple mammory glands. Marsupials, give birth to tiny embryos which attach to the mothers nipple in the marsupium (e.g. the kangaroo) .Lastly, Placentals, give birth to young which are almost ready to survive on their own and are suckled until they leave the parent (e.g. the Yellow baboon).In ...view middle of the document...

Mammals also have sebaceous glands which aid in keeping the skin supple as well scent and musk glands which are used to mark territory.Mammals also all have a sufficient circulatory system with a four chambered heart and complex blood vessel network. Mammals have a highly developed brain, especially the neocortex and neopallium (which controls sensory stimuli and motor movements), and nervous system and show intelligence and resourcefulness that few other animals can match. All have four limbs, although some may be less used or adapted to a specific function like the blue whale whose limbs have become fins. A secondary palate, which separates the air which moves along the trachea and the food which travels down the esophagus, is also present. Mammals are homoiothermic and have a high rate of metabolism, similar to class Aves. This temperature is controlled by the movement of hair follicles which can raise the temperature if erect and sweat glands which aid in cooling down the body.Mammals also have a diaphragm which separates the thoracic and abdominal cavities within the coelom and aids in inhalation. The lower jaw bone or mandable of mammals is one single bone, called the dentary. This bone restricts the movement of the jaw but is specialized for chewing. Most mammals are heterodontic with their teeth specialized for different functions. They are also thecodontic or have their teeth set in their jaws.Mammals have highly developed sexual organs as most are viviparous. Females have a two ovaries, both of which are functional. Mammals are the only class of Chordates not to have a cloaca but rather separate openings for urine, sperm or fetuses and faeces. Internal fertilization takes place as to avoid damage of the sperm or eggs from the harsh environment. The embryo develops in the uterus where it is nourished by the maternal blood stream.StructureThe yellow baboon is a relatively small baboon that ranges from 60 to 85cm in height and 20 to 25kgs in mass in adult males and between 40 and 65cm in height and 10 to 15kgs in females. It has long, slender limbs and has astounding upper body strength. It has a long tail that is almost the length of its body that has a characterizing kink in it. The yellow baboon has a dog like face, as its head protrudes like a dogs muzzle, and close set eyes below a predominant brow ridge and large, almost naked ears. The hairless nose, lips, ears, hands and feet are black and they have white sideburns framing the edge of their face. The scrotum in the adult male is a dark purple while the younger, less developed males have bright pink scrotums. Both males and females have large, grey-skinned sitting pads called "ischial" callosites which are separated in females but joined in males. Females have pronounced sexual swellings between the sitting padsThe yellow baboon gets its name from its thick, course tan coloured fur. Although most male baboons have a mane, the yellow baboon characteristically does not possess this...

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