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- -The young adult has numerous stresses placed upon them through the route of development.Erikson has theorised developmental stages of growth into tasks. Of Eriksons' theoretical tasks,one task describes the theory of intimacy versus isolation. This task theory can be examined usingthe normative crisis model. The knowledge of developmental tasks of the young adult can bebeneficial to the nurse especially associated with their ability to relate to the young adult.One of the stages in life is the young adult, which suggests significant changes and an increase ofresponsibility. This stage of development is described as between twenty and forty years, where'...the potential for furtherance of intellectual, emotional and even physical development occurs'.(Gething, 1995, p.377). As people age the progress of the developmental stages can differ, so theyhave formulated to assess the progression by using two principal crisis models. The first, are thenormative crisis model and the second includes the timing of events crisis model. The normativecrisis model has been powerful in shaping the psychology of the developmental stages as it hasallowed theorists to imply that stages of development can follow an age related time sequence.(Gething, 1995).The normative crisis model suggests that human development has a built in ground plan in whichcrisis as describe by Erikson are seen as a requirement that must be resolved by the person beforesuccessful progression from one developmental stage to another. Such achievement of this taskcrisis should provide the young adult with the ability to challenge previous ideas held by theadolescent about intimacy and isolation. This model is adapted for progression of the tasks tofollow the chronological age of the adult, while the related social and emotional changes progressthrough a sequence that Erikson characterises in to eight specific crisis tasks over the life span.(Kozier, erb, blais & wilkinson, 1995.).The second crisis model depends upon the timing of events and is not dependant upon resolutionof crisis or a ground plan, but stresses the importance of each event that occur in the youngadults life. Life events that proceed as expected will encourage development, where as life eventsthat are unexpected can result in anxiety and a slow progression of development. (Gething,1995.).The young adult according to Erikson's theory of personality should be progressing through thepsychosocial crisis of intimacy versus isolation. The tasks for this stage of life consist of courtingand selecting a 'mate', marriage and associated choices, e.g. children and monogamousrelationship, career choices and lifestyle changes and furthering intellectual abilities toaccommodate choices. (Turner & Helms, 1987.). Some of the personal abilities that the youngadult must employ include decision making, career planing, understanding nature of increasedresponsibility and being able to accommodate greater demands of self.Erikson's theory...

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